Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Jenna & Blake's Playhouse"

As I sit here on the couch staring at the computer with high hopes of getting back to posting on the blog, I am just straight up- EXHAUSTED. After playing with, reading to, wrestling with, tickling, playing peek a boo with, walking with, removing Blake from the table tme and time again from standing on the table, sweeping food off of the floor, cleaning faces and hands, changing diapers, kissing two bumped heads, managing temper tantrums, hugging on, juggling being climbed on by one while changing the other, cleaning two kids, myself and the couch of lotion from the bottle of lotion Jenna was playing with and spilled, stopping Blake from cholking on lunch, wrestling two toddlers to change their clothes, teaching, playing in the grass with, singing to and peering into the two most beautiful pairs of blue eyes you'll ever see....I am TIRED. That is probably just a snippet of our day today. Even with all of the exhausting things that go on day in and day out, the day still ends with a wonderfully warm feeling. I have two of the most wonderful kids!

Jason and I bought a playhouse off of Craig's List about a week ago. Jason power washed it and it looks great! We put it in Jenna and Blake's playroom. Both are really enjoying it. Jenna likes to go in there with a book or with a light up toy. Blake likes to get in adn open and shut the door and place toys on the windowsill. Today I caught him laying in there on his back just laying in there relaxing. The other day I saw Jenna laying on her tummy with her leg bent, foot in the air and "reading" a book. I think it is a good little "get a way" for them. I sometimes find them in the playhouse together. Today they were in there playing and giggling. Just love when they do that.

Well, beings that I can barely think straight right now I am going to keep this post short. Afterall, I need to get my "mommy-rest"......it's no longer beauty rest, it's mommyrest. :)