Monday, December 12, 2011

Quick update

Hi all.....
Life has kept us super busy and there never seems to be any down time, but I wanted to post a quick update for those that still keep up with the blog.

The kids are doing great, but it's been a rough summer. The first two years, they got sick a total of 4 times. The past 9 months have been brutal in that they've been sick 2-3 weeks out of the month. We've visited the Dr. at least once a month. Ear infections, hand foot mouth, upper respiratory infections, fith disease, croup, etc etc. But, I guess thats kids....

Kim may have mentioned that the kids started daycare in August. It was getting to the point that the kids were not entertained at home, even if they had free run of the entire house. So Kim went back to work and the kids started going to school. We were a little apprehensive at first and weren't sure how they would adjust to such a major change. To our surprise, the kids LOVED it and have been thriving. In the short time they've been going to school (part time 3 days a week), they have made tremendous developmental changes. Blake went from having a few word vocabulary to talking non stop. His vocabulary comprehention is even more extensive. Jenna isn't talking much, but her comprehention is increasing dramatically. Both of them wake up with smiles and can't wait to get ready to go to school.
Their teachers are great and very much loved by the kids. One of the teachers is getting her masters in developmental therapy and just loves playing with Jenna. She really understands her, the hurdles she faces and how to get through to her. We are very fortunate we chose that daycare and classroom.

A little about the kids.
Jenna: Unfortunately her Sensory Processing issues are creating barriers, but she's working hard to overcome them & move forward. Further complicating things is that she's VERY headstrong and stubborn, and doesn't perform on cue. So sometimes it's hard to tell what she's capable of, and what she just doesn't want to do. Daycare has been great for her in that she thrives in a structured environment. She's really done great with the social aspect and enjoys being around her friends & teachers. She's not talking much at all, but there have been a few occasions where she's blurted out a word that sounds perfectly annunciated, like she's been saying it for months. So I suspect there is a lot more rattling around in that brain that she doesn't show us. Her coordination has really come a long way and she's walking quite fluidly and running quite a bit. She still get a little off balance if she tries to walk while looking to the side, or makes a quick turn. All in all, she's doing great and making a lot of progress.
In late Oct, we had a follow up appointment with the Neurologist to discuss the MRI she had in Aug. It showed that there was no new damage from her ventricular hemmorage (brain bleed), but there was some damaged tissue in 3 different areas of the brain. The visual cortex, a section that controls gross motor skills, and one other section that eludes me right now. We've got an apt with a pediatric Neuro Opthomologist in a couple weeks, and hopefully we'll be able to get a little more information on the visual cortex damage. Sensory Processing disorder is a relatively new issue in the medical community and something that is just now beginning to be understood. It's Very subtle in that children appear to be very normal, perhaps developmentally delayed but otherwise normal. Unfortunately those sensory issues have profound effects on the child and their development. Imagine lights being very bright while flashing & shimmering. Your feet feeling slightly asleep or numb, so not every really knowing where your walking. The seam on your shirt feeling like sand paper. These are the things sensory processing kids can be dealing with, which make it very difficult to know their place in the world and focus on the normal things you and I may take for granted. We soooooo can not wait for Jenna to be talking so she can tell us how she perceives the world.

Blake: Man...... Sooooo much energy. His nickname is Boogie, cause he's ALWAYS on the go. Usually looking for something new to get into and explore. He is "the helper" at home and at school and the best thing for him is to keep him busy with helping tasks. He's a long string bean with these go go gadget arms that can reach things you never thought possible, so baby proofing is an ongoing task. haha Since starting school, his speech has really taken off. He's not caught up to his peers, but he's talking quite a bit and constantly adding words to his vocabulary. He LOVES school and has really taken to all the fun activities and structure they provide. He's just a happy go lucky lil guy that loves to bounce around and explore. A big handful, but totally adorable.

Thats just a quick update and I hope to continue some regular updates going forward.
Take care all.