Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Great News and Growth

I took the kids to their cardiologist follow up appointment yesterday. This was their first cardio follow up appointment since their NICU stay. (If you recall, Blake had PDA heart surgery last January. Jenna had been given two doses of meds to help close this same valve. She continued to have a murmur but did not require surgery). Dr. Shapiro checked them both. Jenna's murmur has closed and he said that both have healed nicely and that their hearts are healthy and strong. He is so pleased that he has released them from his care! Another HUGE relief. There just aren't words to describe the relief Jason and I feel everytime we get a good report, and better yet are told that Jenna and Blake are released from specialists' care. We have already checked off the pulmonologist, nephrologist, developmental pediatrician, and now the cardiologist from our "need to see" doctor list.

Wow, what an appointment it was! We were there for two hours. Jason was planning on going with me but he was called into a meeting at the last minute. I dressed the kids up real warm and headed to the doc's office. Now, doing double duty paper work at the doctor's office is just part of the routine and we are quite used to it. However, we haven't had to visit any doctors since the kids have become more "mobile" (thankfully). They aren't nearly as satisfied sitting in their carriers anymore while mommy takes care of all the paperwork. I was glad that we had some new toys to play with while we waited (thanks Donna, Gammy, Aunt Christine and Mimi). The appointment consisted of cardiograms and other tests. Trying to keep 7 month old babies still while having a cardio done is quite a challenge. Haha, we had lots of fun with that. haha. It's alright though, they did pretty well and we got what we needed! We couldn't be happier.

We have the latest weigh ins! Jenna weighs 17pounds 15 ounces and Blake weighs 18pounds 12 ounces. Their height was also measured although I question the numbers. It is pretty hard to get height on wiggling babies. They were both measured to be 27 and 3/4 inches long. However, when Blake is in the walker, his feet sit flat on the floor. Jenna's toes reach.

Glad to share this latest great news with you all ! Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

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