Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday, August 9

Just wanted to post a quick update on what Jenna and Blake have been up to.

Last Thursday, I took the kids up to Round Rock and we had lunch with Jason. We had some friends from India go to lunch with us too. Priyanka and Sanjiv work for Dell as well and were here in the US for a month. They have kindly kept up with us since the beginning and were very excited to meet them. I, too, was excited. I remember when Jason came home and told me to look at the map on the blog. When I saw that we had supporters in India I was pleasantly surprised. I took Blake and Jenna up to Jason's work two weeks ago to meet them as well as other friends Jason works with as well as his manager. When I took them a couple weeks ago, it was the first time I had them in the car by myself. It went pretty well. However, this week's raod trip was quite challenging. Blake and Jenna both SCREAMED for the first 15minutes. To top it off, we were stuck on I35 in horrible traffic (no surprise there). Their screaming was in stereo and at high decibals indeed! There wasn't much I could do other than try and talk or sing to them to calm them. Neither worked. I then hummed....nothing. Whisteld.....nothing. HAHA. It was pretty comical although nerve wracking too. I just told myself it is ok for them to cry and continued to talk to them. I thought about turning around but I'd have to some how get across three lanes of traffic and I was almost past the thick of it. I just stuck it out and figured they would soon tire themselves out. Sure enough the poor little guys had worked themselves into a pretty exhausted state. Once we got to "daddy's", and had lunch they were great. They both enjoy the attention and are quite social.

Therapy went well this week. Jenna has really progressed nicely in the last three weeks. It seems her nervous system is getting stronger and more settled. She is making longer eye contact and tracks her favorite toys. They are both reaching for their toys and touching and grasping. They look for one another and watch attentively when one cries. We are really enjoying their interactions with one another.


Anonymous said...

gotta love the back seat car screaming sessions! i remember when reagan was a baby and we were on the road she would end up hungry. I would have to drive with one hand and bottle feed her with the other. needless to say half my body was in the back seat. probably not the safest thing but she would settle down after that.

Anonymous said...

btw shannon posted the last comment!

Jason and Kim said...

Hi Shannon,
Yes, I wish I could reach that far back. Even with my long arms I just can't quite get there-haha. I bought them T-Shirts that say "Back Seat Driver" and have play key ring. They're pretty cute.