Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome Cousin Jude!!!

We want to welcome Blake and Jenna's new baby cousin into the world.......Happy Birthday Jude. Congrats Sara (Jason's sis) and Josh!!! We can't wait to see him. We hear he has a FULL head of dark hair. He is 7 1/2 pounds. 8:07 this AM

We took Jenna and Blake to the doctor today for the 2nd of three shots for the roto virus. Thankfully, this is an oral "shot", so no tears today. Jenna weighs 13.8 and Blake has finally not only caught up with but passed Jenna by weighing in at 14pounds. Hey, every bit counts......we learned that a LONG time ago-hehe. Both are now "on" the premature growth chart. Dr. Fasci is very pleased with their growth and development. She gave them a quick check even though we were there for shots only. They are hitting all of their developmental milestones so far. We are so very blessed.

Jenna is becoming a bit more vocal. I keep telling myself that she just MAY be the quiet one. That is until she disapproves of something, she certainly is not shy to let you know she wants or needs something. That is a good trait in a girl.....not afraid to voice her opinion. I know, I'll be eating my words when we hit THE 2's and she "voices her opinion". Blake is certainly the talker. And let me tell you, he really does not have voice control-hahaha. Like daddy, like son no doubt! I know that babies like to hear themselves sometimes and will be loud because of that but I think it's more than that with Blake. He gets to rambling and seems to really enjoy telling you what he is thinking and thinks it's better to do so in a loud voice. I love it though. We were watching Happy Feet one evening and noticed that Blake was really attending to it. Next thing we knew, he was smiling and talking and wouldn't keep his eyes off of the TV. He and Jenna really enjoy black and white stuffed animals and pictures. I guess he likes all of the penguins on the movie. We've watched it a couple more times since and he did the same each time. Too cute! Jenna has really been looking and studying our faces lately. She likes to watch lips when you talk. I LOVE their smiles. Blake has the biggest happiest smile that is usually accompanied by a squeal of delight. Jenna has the prettiest smile that lights up her entire face. Her eyes sparkle when she smiles her big gummy smile. I am pretty sure she has her daddy's dimples.

Well, school is about to start back. I know that if I had to return to work to teach, things would be fine and life would be soooo different. I am so happy that we are fortunate enough for me to be home with the babies. I tried to imagine leaving them at a daycare or sitters and returning to school. It nearly brought tears to my eyes. Don't get me wrong, I do get stir crazy a bit from time to time and I always sport the "mommy" shirt (recently spit up on or worse) that requires ME to change MY clothes a couple times a day but regardless, I wouldn't trade my days with my lil ones.

The "twinadoes" have eye doc follow ups this week. They are going to check Blake's eyes for any nearsightedness. He is at high risk for near sighted due to his ROP/RUSH. I just thank God for the wonderful outcome of his laser eye surgery each and every day.

Guess that is all to update on for now. Thank you all for checking in on us and for your continued prayers. As always, comments are welcomed. We love hearing from you.


Anonymous said...

I check out the website everyday, I hope you will always continue to blog about the twins, I enjoy hearing about their progess...the twins, you & Jason are in our prayers....more pics when you get a chance...I'm sure they have changed quite a bit.

Jason and Kim said...

Thank you so much for following and checking in on us. Yes, they change everyday. I do have some pics tat I will try and post today. Thanks for the continued prayers.

lschoen said...

i have been following the blog since the beginning but we just now got high speed internet in our area so I can actually bring up the pictures in a timely manner. I am so happy that things are turning out for you. Your mom sends us pictures on a regular basis. Is there anything that the twins still need?