Friday, August 13, 2010

Two Little Stinkers August 13th

Boy do we have two little stinkers on our hands, haha. While hanging out with the kids this week they did so many things that made me think, "I need to write that down", or "I have to remember to tell about that". The truth is, Blake and Jenna are at a real fun age. They are just so curious and want to explore so much. The more they move around, the more they have to explore, the more they learn, the more tired Jason and I get chasing after them. It is so worth it though. And thankfully, we've gotten a few date nights here and there in in order to relax and refuel-haha.

One of their favorite pastimes is still jumping in their beds. Their cribs are still against the same wall and are within arms' reach of one another. They can often be heard and seen holding hands or reaching over while they jump in their beds, laughing and giggling all the while. No wonder they have such lean muscular legs.

Jenna has been very interested in books (can you see her teacher-mom beaming with delight right now? YES, I am!). She loves to thumb through and look at the pictures. We have several books with the different textured pages, those are her favorite. Her and Blake enjoy being read to. She has been more steady and has gained better balance when cruising along the furtiture and standing. She is so close to free standing, I think she just needs to gain a bit more confidence. Same goes for walking. She is perfectly capable, just not quite confident. Funny thing about that is that she is quite the dare devil when it comes to other things like being "thrown" into the air or turned upside down, or tossed around on the bed. She enjoys a little horse play and rough housing. Little tuff girl. Most of all, she loves to be silly. She has such a sense of humor! And her laugh? Oh, it is just THE best. You really can't help but to smile when you hear her laugh. It is a belly laugh that just makes you instantly go for more by tickling her, making funny faces or noises or tossing her in the air.

"Boogie", aka Blake, is certainly living up to his nickname. We call him Boogie because he is always on the go. He is our experimenter, scientist and toy tester. He is walking all over and can be pretty fast about it when he wants to be. He loves his weeble wobbles and anything that sort of moves in a silly manner. He is enjoying their play tunnel too. He climbs in that thing and giggles and squeals. I like to play peed-a-boo with him while he is in it because he gets such a kick out of going from one end the the other just to turn around and see me peering in at him on the other end. He has THE sweetest grin. When he smiles at you, his curls complimenting his handsome little face, your heart melts. He has a huge heart and is LOVES to hang out with his sissy. Sometimes he just watches her and when he sees or hears her laugh, he just smiles ear to ear. I think he enjoys Jenna's laugh too because after a while he just can't help but to join in, even throwing a "fake" laugh in order to join her fun. So sweet!

Ok, I am working on keeping up with the blog. Pics are soon to follow.

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