Tuesday, July 27, 2010

~We're Back~

Ok, so it's been way too long since we've posted. Jason and I have just been really busy keeping up with two active toddlers. So much has happened and they have grown so much. It is going to take a few posts to catch up here....so here I go.

Jenna is as independent as ever these days. She has been a little chatter box, speaking her own words and very comical sounds. She LOVES to be silly and one of her favorite past times is to be tickled. Where is she ticklish? The question is where is she NOT ticklish. Haha. She is walking along the furniture and is working on her confidence to take the plunge and take a step on her own. We have tried to encourage her to walk by holding her hands and walking with her. Up until the last couple weeks, she simply bends at the knees and sits. Little stinker. Here lately, she will take a few steps while holding our hands. We've been encouraging and cheering her on. She seems to be occasionally trying her hand at gaining better balance. Another favorite pass time of hers is to jump in her bed.

Blake is walking ALL over the place these days. In fact, he has even tried his hand at speed walking, or running, if you will. He is still vvery laid back, happy go lucky, and is very curious. He spends much of his time taking toys over to the tile and dropping them to see how they fall, if they roll, what noise they make and so forth. He is loving having two of everything. One for each hand....often times this means he has his bottle in one hand, Jenna's in the other. Yes, taking things from Jenna has been the "norm" for some time. Jason and I are constantly getting onto him. He is starting to "get it" now and will sometimes stop when we discipline but then others, he goes over to her with a smirk on his face as her grabs whatever she has. Little stinker!

Well, this is only the beginning of my attempt to catch our blog up. I hope to find time to get on here more regularly again. Hope our family and friends still check in. :)

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