Friday, October 29, 2010

Nominated as the 2010 March of Dimes Ambassador Family

A couple weeks ago we received an email from the March of Dimes stating that we had been nominated as the 2010 March of Dimes Austin Area Ambassador Family. We are so excited and feel very honored. We were informed that there were a handful of families nominated and we were strongly encouraged to fill out an application. Stasia Vance, the Austin area family team coordinator, was the person who nominated us. She told me that they were looking for a high energy family with an amazing story of prematurity who feels passionate about their experience. That would certainly be us, I thought! She said that she was able to nominate a handful of nominees and immediately thought about us, our involvement over the last year and of Jenna and Blake's journey through prematurity.

The ambassador family will speak at fund raisers, various meetings and events and will be involved with raising awareness through the media. They will share their story and information about the impact the March of Dimes has had on thier lives. It is quite the commitment in that there are several speaking events. The family will also speak at the 2011 March for Babies to kick off the event.

Jason and I gladly accepted the nomination and sent in our application. We feel very honored to have even been nominated. If we become the 2010 Ambassador Family, our lives will get busier than they already are, no doubt about it. However, since our journey began we have felt it was important to share with other families, our experience in hopes that we can help support others. And more importantly we want to help provide hope. Afterall, the thing that kept us going was the hope we had of one day bringing our babies home, safe and sound. Gratefully, that hope lead to triumph and was our saving grace.

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