Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ren Fest & Halloween

Well, this year was our 2nd Renaissance Festival Camp-Out with the kids. I have to admit, this year it was pretty challenging. Poor Jenna was not feeling well the entire trip. In fact, due to tummy issues, she was VERY uncomfortable and VERY irritable (understandably so). The whole week before she suffered from some tummy discomfort so hadn't slept well. The only thing that made her comfortable was to sleep in daddy' arms while we were walking around at the festival. Jason held her for over two hours as she slept in his arms. When he tried to put he in the stroller the pressure on her stomach was just too much so being THE best daddy ever, he held her as she slept. I pushed Blake around in the stroller. He LOVED to people watch. The festival was pretty packed with people so there was MUCH to see. We found an area that was off the beaten path a bit and let Blake walk around. We are teaching him that he needs to hold mommy or daddy's hand when out somewhere. This was only the 2nd time we've been out and have tried to teach this to him. He did really really well. Grandma bought them a monkey backpack that has a long tail that mom or dad can hold onto. While I am not a fan of the "kid leashes" , this thing is cute and for me is different. I plan to use it merely as a back up system. I insisted that Blake hold my hand while we walked around and I just put the end of the tail in my pocket as a backup way to stay connected. Sometimes he would hold one end of the tail and I would hold the other, he thought that was funny. While Jenna peacefully slept, Blake and I walked and walked and walked. Back at the campsite, they did well. Jenna enjoyed spending a lot of time in Uncle Duane and Choichi Kim's trailor, hangin out with the big kids. Blake enjoyed it too but found gathering and sorting things outside much more fun. All four of us slept in the queen bed in the trailor, which was a first. The kids have never slept with us in the same bed. Jenna was not feeling well still so tossed and turned. Blake woke a few times, sat up and looked around confused, then plopped back down. All and all the trip was a good one but was a lot of work. Jenna is at a stage where she still likes to crawl around and Blake likes to runa round so lots of time was spent making sure Jenna wasn't crawling into the fire or out os site while also making sure Blake wasn't running into the fire-haha.

We left Sunday (Halloween) and headed back home. We were all really tired from the fest. Jenna was still not feeling well. We did manage to go trick or treating to about four neighbors' houses. Blake was dressed up as Dracula, slicked back hair and all. Jenna was dressed up as Snow White, and what a little beauty! We let them play in the yard a bit while trick or treaters came by. Jenna decided it was time for bed but Blake was still working on sorting the candy from our treat bowl for the trick or treaters. He was also amazed by the fog machine we had in the front yard and blinking monster feet lights.

Jenna finally got some relief on Monday. She is back to herself and I am so glad to see her smile and hear her giggle again. While sitting on my lap the other day we were looking at a book with a cow on the front. She was touching and pointing at the cow's google eyes. I said, "Eyes" and she turned around with a huge smile and gently touched my eyes. I LOVE seeing her make these connections. I am so proud of her. And of Blake.

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