Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1st visit with Santa

Kim has really been looking forward to taking the kids to visit Santa, and we were finally able to make it happen today. Kids were feeling good, no Dr. or therapy appointments, and I was able to scoot out of work for a few minutes.

Kim here........
As Jason mentioned above, we took the kids to see Santa yesterday. It was a very successful first encounter with Jolly Ole Saint Nic! The kids weren't scared or apprehensive, which I wondered a bit about. We went early afternoon in hopes to avoid long lines. Luckily when we got there, Santa was out "feeding his reindeer" so we were the first in line when he returned fifteen minutes later. Mimi and Grandpa N met us there so they helped keep the kids entertained while we waited. When it was our turn, as soon as Jenna caught sight of Santa, she was totally smitten!! Her little face lit up and she gave him her infamous gummy grin. It seems the first thing Blake noticed was his beard. We were able to take pics with our own camera since we planned to purchase some of theirs. Jason chose the "snow baby" theme of attire for the kids. I think it was good choice. Funny thing is as we looked at the series of pics, you can see that Blake was reaching for his beard in the first few and then in the last few he had ahold of it the whole rest of the time. Well, when it was time to leave I guess Blake wanted to take a little part of Santa home as a souvenir because he snatched out a CLUMP of his beard! It was his REAL beard!!!! OUCH! Poor Santa. haha.

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