Tuesday, November 17, 2009

LOVING being a mommy of twins!!!!

Every day I am seeing more and more of Blake and Jenna's special "twinness". Many times during the day they can be found watching one another and giving each other a huge gummy grin. They reach out to one another and hold hands while we are out for walks, shopping or running errands.

I took the kids to Target with me this evening and I got a good laugh. Most of the time, Blake wants to be all over his sister. He likes to climb on her, be right on her, gnaw on her fingers and toes, often times breaking the concentration she has on the toy she is holding. He grabs the toys she is playing with and has been known to reach for the paci that is in her mouth. Well, guess who was pestering who this evening?! I took them in the side by side double umbrella stroller and she would not stop grabbing and pulling at his ears. She also grabbed for his hand but the biigest part of the time she was pulling on his ear. After some time I think he got tired of it becuase he turned his head and leaned over the side of the stroller to get some distance-haha! She kept looking up at me to make sure I was there and then gave me a huge grin as she held onto Blake's ear. It was really cute.

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