Friday, November 6, 2009

November 2nd

Wow, November already!?!?!

Things are going well over here at the Reid household. The kids are getting more mobile each day. Blake is scooting and pulling and pushing himself around as well as spinning 360 degrees to get about. At times, he gets up on his knee or knees so I just watch in anticipation. I am excited but can definitely wait a bit longer for the days they are crawling. Jenna can give her attention to a toy for quite some time and isn't usually in a hurry to move on to a new toy so she does not have the urgency to get into everything within and outside of her reach. She is using her legs and feet to scoot around and is real good at holding her upper body up. She just hasn't put the two together yet. When they are both on the floor together Blake can almost always be found grabbing Jenna's hands or feet, touching her face or grabbing whatever it is she is playing with. Jenna is a great sport about Blake's "lovey" ways but understandably so, does get frustrated at times. Mostly though, they love hanging out togehter. She watches him and has been seen grabbing her brother's hand and touching his face. Boy, we have to watch lil "Blakers". ANY time I set them on the floor and I put a toy down for him, he plays with it but as soon as I put a toy in front of soon as his eyes hit it, he is on the move towards it and mows down anything in his way in order to get to the toy. He is definitely one that feels the need to get into whatever moves, makes a sound or looks his way. Jenna is amazing us these days with her attentiveness to the little things. She can manipulate the tags on stuffed animals for a good thirty minutes before moving ont o something else.

Oh, twinadoes are calling. I'll continue later.

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Anonymous said...

So good to hear about the twins
beginning to scoot and move around.
The real fun and work is just
starting. Just sit back, watch and
enjoy, they grow up so fast.