Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just a Thought

**I wrote this on May 15th but in an interrupted attempt to try and catch the blog up, I am just getting around to posting it tonight. **

A Year ago tonight, Jason and I were "rooming in" at St. David's in preparation of bringing our "newborns" home after 4 1/2 months of intensive care. It was our first full night together and the beginning of what we had been dreaming about for so long. To be with our babies, to be full time hands-on parents, to take them home where they belonged, in our arms on our couch, rocking them in our rocking chair as we lounge in our PJs. A flood of memories and emotions are turning over and over. I can see that night replay with much detail. I remember the anticipation as we waited in the bay. As we moved through all of the "formalities", the move into our own room couldn't come soon enough. The anticipation of having the kids all to ourselves, behind closed doors, no intruding monitors, no "good night sweet peas, we will be back in the morning", no sharing our "privacy" with several other babies and parents, nurses and doctors. I remember when we were finally settled into the room for the night, it was a wonderful, strange and new feeling. We hardly knew what to do with ourselves. Needless to say with them being "newborns" we didn't get much sleep that night but WOW, what a great night.

Tonight I'm sitting on my couch with video monitor close by (yes, even at over a year old, I still rely on peeking in on them quite frequently) as Blake and Jenna are sleeping in their cribs. I will continue to try not to take each night for granted as I have the opportunity to get them ready for bed each night, hold them, carry them upstairs and tuck them in and kiss them goodnight. So many a night we longed for this privledge and tonight it's been a year of doing just that. Life is wonderful!

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