Friday, May 21, 2010

We've Got a walker on Our Hands!!!!

***more Catching up/"retro posting"***
Wednesday, May 5th
Today was an exciting one! This afternoon Jenna, Blake and I were playing in the playroom like we do everyday. Jenna was playing some "tunes" on her piano and Blake was moving from one thing to another. Often times while I am sitting in the playroom, they will go about thier business playing and from time to time will come over to say hello, to crawl on me or just come sit and play with me. Blake was standing and shaking a shaker then turned to me. I smiled and said hello and that is when he did it! He smiled and took two steps to me!!! Needless to say I was cheering like crazy and telling him what a great job he did. Then I picked up the phone to call daddy. He couldn't wait to get home in hopes he would later catch him in the act. Luckily, Daddy witnessed his son's first steps the very next day. While Blake seems to be focusing in on walking, Jenna certainly is focusing in on talking. She has been really chatty! I love hearing her little girl voice. She is so proud of herself as she babbles about the house. What a sweet and fiery little gal.

Throughout the next two weeks he would try out his new skill here and there, taking two, maybe three steps. Jason and I marvel each day when he takes a step here and there and to and from he and I. He still chooses crawing over walking but is practicing his new skills more and more.

May 19th
Ok, so NOW we have an official walker. Blake took SIX steps today! YES, SIX!!! He walked from daddy to me in one slow, toldde like manner. He took his time and balanced perfectly. Daddy and I cheered as if we were at the superbowl. Jenna looked on and smiled over all the excitement. Blake waved his arms up and down when he reached me and lunged into my arms. It was great! It felt as if he had just crossed the finish line. He is now regularly walking from here to there mixed with his old back up, crawling.

May 20
I took Jenna with me to Hobby Lobby for a little shopping today. Blake stayed with daddy. Jenna was enjoying our trip until that is, I was "parked" in one spot for what she percieved as too long. There is so much to look at at Hobby Lobby, afterall. Towards the end of our trip she started chatting rather loudly. We were looking at some gift wrap all the while she was carrying on with her "stories". When a man took a double take and turned back towards our aisle to get a look at Jenna. He said that he and his friend had heard her talking earlier and now again. He then proceeded to tell me how beutiful she is and how cute she sounds. Jenna and I thanked him and she gave them a big gorgous smile. I love having a little girl (and a little boy!).

Blake is walking quite a bit now. He even walks around while holding things, will turn directions and turn completely around. He is really getting the hang of it now. I am going to get this cuteness on video soon so you all can see.

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