Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday, May 25th 15 Month Check Up

Yesterday I noticed that Blake has a top tooth poking through now. So far he has four on bottom and one on top. Jenna has two on bottom and has had the one on top for about a month now. I just can't imagine them with a mouthful of teeth. It seems it is happening so fast.

Jason and I are taking the kids in to the pedi today for their 15month check up and shots.....albeit a month late. It's been a little challenging around here because they have both been sick. The day after Mother's Day Jenna started having a runny nose and fever. Blake started with the same a couple days later. They also had a cough that was pretty steady. Then last Thursday Blake's cough became worse pretty rapidly in the evening. He gasped for air, his face turned red and blue and would often choke. We would constantly be blowing in his face to stimulate him to breath. Neither he or Jenna had been sleeping well. This particular night we had him sitting in the swing so he would be upright and in hopes he woudl get enough relief to get some sleep. He went into a coughing fit and started choking. He then threw up quite a bit and started gurgling and choking on his vomit. Jason took him out and turned him facing downward and patted him. He was able to throw the rest up and breath. He finally gained his color back. He began crying and cried for nearly two hours following. We decided to take him into the ER. Uncle Adam came over and stayed with Jenna, who was finally fast asleep. We called "Aunt" Janice for advice on what ER to go to. As great as Dell childrens may be, we were not prepared to sit in the ER for
2+hours before being seen. We decided to go to Seaton Southwest. When we got there there was no one in the waitingroom. We didn't even sit down and were told to come on back. Blake was still crying and screaming. Long story short, our whole stay in the ER lasted nearly two hours. This is much better than waiting for two hours to even be seen. Turns out, he had an upper respiratory infection and probable ear infection.

Today's appointment went well. Jenna weighs 22lbs 10oz and Blake weighs 22lbs 12.8 oz. Jenna is 30.25 inches and Blake is 31 inches. They are both on track for all of their adjusted age skills and development. They both stand and are able to "cruise" along furniture, they eat mainly "table" food, are able to say mama and dada, use a sippy cup, drink whole milk, babble, etc. As all premies do, we are working on catching up to their chronological age skills and development. While they are on target for SOME of the 16month (actual age) skills, there are others that we are focusing in on. These include walking for Jenna, increasing vocab for them both, taking ALL bottles "out of the equation", and increasing their verbal/communication skills. These are all skills that other 16 month olds are working on as well. Dr.F is very pleased with Jenna and Blake's growth and development. She is impressed with how happy they are and with their level of interaction with others as well as the fact that they are eating just about anything we eat. Before we left, she said, "I know you guys must hear this a lot but these guys are truly amazing and look fantastic". Needless to say we were pretty proud. Then it was time....time for THREE immunizations. Sigh......luckily, as always, they were fast. Jenna was first. Daddy held her arms during administration then quickly scooped her up and consoled her. She was quickly calmed and fine. Then it was my turn to hold Blake's arms (the immunizations were all given in the thighs). Poor guy, when we laid him on the table he looked up at Stormy (our nurse) and gave her a big smile. She told him,
Oh no smiles poor guy, I'm sorry" and did the deed. He screams then cried a bit as I tried to console him. It didn't take long for him to calm down either. We are so glad those are over. We don't go back for shots again for another two months....sheesh, not long enough.

As soon as we got into the car, the kids were out! they slept all the way home then had a good nap once we got home. They are doing fine and were playing happily after their nap.

All in all a good report.

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