Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One 17M old + One 17M old=2 Temper Tantrums in Stereo

Okay, so this post may be a short and sweet one. I have wanted to post on many occasions but the truth of the matter is.....we are REALLY busy these days. Having two active 17month olds is proving to test us in ways we only imagined. I have cared for and taught many children but it seems dealing with your own childrens' fits can, in some ways, be more challengeing.

So both have reached the age/developmental stage of temper tantrums. Blake started about two weeks ago and Jenna started a couple days ago. Blake's usually comes on with frustration and just not being able to express himself yet. When we visited the doc for their 15month check ups, we described the triggers of his fits and how he reacts. He actually had a few fits while in the doc's office, so she saw them first hand. She think he is reaching frustration because he is yet to be able to communicate all of his feelings yet. Don't get me wrong, he has had a fit here and there when he is just mad or when we have taken something away from him that he should not have. He throws himself forward on the floor with his arms above his head, fists clinched, as if he has just been defeated and buries his face in the carpet. Then when he looks up he has THE most pitiful frown on his cute little face. Jenna's fits have usually been triggered by one of three things. The first being when her brother is invading her personal space, ramming his walker into hers or when he takes her toy. When he takes her toy, sometimes she just turns away and does something else as if to say, "Fine, it's not worth it". Other times she grabs it back or pushes him. Here lately, she has occasionally just thrown a fit due to being angry about it. The second trigger is being tired and wanting to be in her quiet, dark and calm room. The third's something new, and well.......she just simply can. Yes, she can turn it on and off like the turn of a switch. She can be laughing one minute and SCREAMING the next. These are the times I think she is exercising this new, I can REALLY make some noise and protest. I have to say that her fits have been a bit more trying the last few days because they are so loud and at times are so random and long lasting. I know she is testing this new "tool" she has added to her repoiture. hehe. Her tired fits.....fine. Her angry fits....usually consists of throwing herself back and then scootching herself back by digging her heels into the carpet and straightening her legs.. Her "I can" fits....nerve racking during the incident but pretty comical after they are all done. She scrunches her little face, sometimes throws her head back, and is ALL about the drama. She can belt out a screetch and then when she straightens her head again, she has a pleasant look on her face. It seems her fits are due to expressing anger, exhaustion or "just because I can". Did I mention her nickname from the first week she was born was "sassy pants"?

So typically our approach to their fits is to make sure they are in a safe place to thrash about and to simply ignore them. If the fit lasts for more than a minute, we intervene. I usually tell then I can see they are angry, give tehm a little validation, ask what is wrong and then try to distract them with a new activity.
Needless to say we have rounded a corner that has proven to be a bit challenging at times.

There have been other new developments too. Jenna has four new teeth on top coming in at the same time. I am sure this influences some of the current tantrums. She has been enjoying touching her brother's face and watching him a lot lately. She still LOVES to be tickled and sung to. She has been playing with her favorite ball that she likes to toss around and laughs when it bounces. She has been playing peek a boo and has enjoyed looking out the windows. Blake is walking more and more everyday. He has been doing lots of little experiments lately. He finds various things like big plastic coins, balls, just about anything, will take it over to the window seal or tile and drops it to watch it bounce or roll. He also will take his ball over to the tile and will bounce it. He has enjoyed testing different toys to see what they will do when he drops them on the tile.

Well, the kids are least I was able to get one day's post up. :)

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