Friday, February 12, 2010

Blast from the Past-Our little Valentines

This top pic is a scan of the Valentine that Blake and Jenna made for us last year (thanks to Anna and April). It was such a great surprise. And it couldn't have been given to us at a more perfect time. A month into our NICU stay, we were ready for a breath of fresh air. This is one of my favorite keepsakes by far. Just look at those tiny feet. And to think they were even smaller at birth.

I decided to make a comparison print of their feet today. (Just click on the pic and you can get a bigger view) Even though the placement of their feet is flip flopped on today's heart valentine, you can see how much they have grown. Look at Blake's BIG "paw". And Jenna has the cutest dainty "toody" still today.

Just wanted to share.

***I added to the previous two posts. Please revisit the "March for Babies" post for more info***

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