Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Under the Weather

Well, with the exception of low fever once, Jenna has managed to stay well from the time she got out of the hospital last May to yesterday. Jenna started having fever yesterday and is still experiencing it tonight. Jason and I chalked it up to teething all day yesterday and lastnight b/c of the usual signs~lots of drooling, tender to the touch, her desire to chew on different things. She has not ate much, is very uncomfortable and irritable and hasn't slept all that great. Today she broke out in a rash. LOTS of red bumps all over. She was also tugging at her ear a bit. I called the nurse and was advised to bring her in. Turns out, Jenna definitely has a viral infection. She has bumps in her throat too. :( It is in the early stage so we don't know what kind yet. The bumps do resemble chicken pox at its very early stage but the pedi assured me that she really does not feel that it is. We are to keep an eye on her bumps and send her pics tomorrow as a f/u. How nice is that? I probably won't have to turn around and take her out of the house to go tto the pedi again tomorrow, thankfully. Poor Jenna has been miserable. She just can't get comfortable so Jason and I have been holding her quite a bit. She has napped best while being upright in our arms. She has been very snuggly and has wanted extra comforting. I can't wait til she feels better and we can see that pretty smile of hers again!

So far, Blake has been fine other than being real concerned for his sister. Jenna has had a different tone in her cry and at times it has alarmed Blake. He has always looked after her and has always shown concern when she cries a painful cry. We keep reassuring him that she is ok. Because we have rocked her a lot today he has clearly been lonely for her in the play yard. We have gotten down to play with him of course but he keeps looking to her.

Did I mention how wonderful it is to have twins? And how great it is to have a boy and a girl at the same age at the same time? Truly awesome. They have been exhibiting lots of "twin" behaviors. It is late so I will share twin stories soon. I need to get rest while they are both sleeping peacefully.

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