Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cart For Two-"Priceless"

Ok, so Costco has THE best shopping carts for carting around two kiddos AND a cart full of things.

So, I decided to take the plunge and venture out to Costco with the kids today. It required a bit more planning than usual with it sprinkling off and on all day. But....with needing to buy formula, wanting to get the best deal, and the kids and I having cabin fever, it was time! I was just hoping the whole way there that we wouldn't experience a torrential down-pour once I got them in the cart. I took the kids to Target one day a couple months ago b/c, again, we ran out of formula quicker than i thought we would. It was a mess! I had one baby in the front seat and the other in their infant cariier in the actual "cargo" part of the cart.It didn't work out well for a couple reasons. One beings that I had to practically hold Jenna in the front seat cause she wasn't quite big enough at the time to sit in the seat on her own. Then, I had to try and stuff things in the tiny spaces of the cart that were left over after loading the kids in it. Months ago, I had seen a woman in Target with two toddlers in the "seat" of one cart. Luckily for mom, they were small enough to have their legs in one leg hole each. At the time, I thought, ha, how clever! Now however, while I still think it was clever, I now also know when you have two, you HAVE to find ways to make it work. Being clever, or creative, is a must at times-haha.

As I was saying, kuddos to Costco! If I didn't know any better, I'd bet they designed their shopping carts with parents of twins in mind! ;) Sure, the whole cart is "super sized" which in turn makes the "front seat" larger, but to beat all, they have FOUR leg holes! AND two safety belts! SIGH.....nice. And Blake and Jenna fit in the front seat just right together and even have some room to grow. Okay, perhaps the highlight of your day would SEEM to beat mine, but this added "freedom" with shopping and getting things done is priceless to a mommy with twins!

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