Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jumpy Gym Play Date by Day Bubble Bath by Night

We were invited to a playdate by some "old" friends. Two of Blake and Jenna's NICU nurses, Heather and Daun, invited us to join them and their daughters (who I will refer to here as) "L" and "R" at Jumpy Gym this week. Heather and Daun took amazing care of the twins while they were in the hospital getting big and strong. Heather was pregnant with "L" and was due a week before Blake and Jenna's due date and Daun's little girl "R" was born four months before Blake and Jenna were born. Being close in age made for an excellent play time.

It was a bit challenging getting the kids out due to the wet and cold weather. Luckily, Jumpy gym isn't even a half mile from our house. We got all bundled up and were on our way. Once we got there and as soon as I got them out of the stroller, Jenna and Blake immediately went over and crawled into Heather and Daun's laps as if to say "hello old friend". After meeting the girls and saying hello, Jenna immediately started going from one toy to the next making herself right at home. After a few minutes of Blake looking around at this big playroom and at the other kids and mommies, he too started exploring. They had such a blast. They really enjoyed interacting with "R" and "L". Blake and Jenna are very social and are not in the least bit shy about saying hello to other kids or mommies. In fact, they were often found crawling into other mommie's laps to say hi. Guess they are little social butterflies in a lot of ways.

It was so nice meeting precious "R" and "L" and to catch up with Heather and Daun. It was great to be together under much more pleasant circumstances and to be doing the "mommy thing" with some friends.

Blake and Jenna had a blast! After a while, Blake realized he had lots more spcae to explore and to put his crawling into motion. As soon as he realized it, he took off. He started at one end of the gym all the way to the other in a crab like crawl, all the while making a "hmmph hmmph" noise. It seemed as if he thought is was in the Winter Olympics the way he was so into the task at hand. He had a ball! Then, when Jenna took note of what was going on, she started doing the same. Mommy? Well, mommy was getting a good look at what is in her near future.....trying to keep up with two toddlers! one going one way, the other the other way. Whew! and I think I'm getting a work out at the gym? Ha! At one point Jenna and Blake met up in the middle and crawled parallel from one end to the other. It looked as if they were racing. I actually got a little video coverage of it. I'll have to see about posting it. It was fun to watch.

We definitely look forward to more playdates with "L" and "R". AndI'm sure the kids would love to go back to Jumpy Gym!!

After a full day of playing, it was bath night. The kids are really too big for the baby tub these days so we have been bathing them in the kitchen sink. I like it much better since I can stand instead of leaning over. The kids enjoy baths, especially bubble baths. At one point Jenna put a bath toy in her mouth and when she pulled it away she had a bubble moustache and goatee-so cute! During Blake's bath, he had lots of bubbles in his hair so I made him a bubble afro. Here are a couple pics of both.

Til next time, have a good one!

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