Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Baby Blues" Vision Check

The kids had another vision follow up this week. Jenna's eyes look great so will not need to get checked again for another year. YAY Jenna! We are sooooo blessed to be able to report that both kids' eyes checked out well. Blake was supposed to have his eyes dialted but I guess there was a lack of thought or communication in the office today. We waited for their appointments for over an hour then waited in the exam room another thirty or so. Once Jenna had her eyes checked and it was Blake's turn, he was checked out but after shinning some lights and having had a regular exam, the doc realized he should've been dialted for a more "exact" check up. He feels confident about his vision and about the healing/scars created by Blake's emergency eye surgery. So.....he said we could either wait for a year or come back in 6months for another check. I prefer 6months. I am a bit disappointed that this was overlooked but am reassured that Blake is doing so well that the doc isn't concerned. He said he is a bit near sighted and will likely have glasses in a couple years. My handsom little guy in glasses? CUTE! I am just so grateful that the laser eye surgery was such a success!

The kids did so well during the LONG wait and during the exam. Jenna spent much of the time being silly...squirmming around in daddy's arms and making silly noises...rasberries of all sorts. Blake sat very patiently in his carrier and looked around at the people and movement in the packed lobby. They are so well behaved-hehe. Now, J and I just need to be sure we keep them that way. ;)

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