Saturday, March 6, 2010

Late night thoughts

Tonight's Top Five Things I Love About My "Babies"
5~I love your laugh.
Jenna-your laugh sounds like it starts from the tip of your toes and continues all the way up to your bright little face. I adore you!

Blake~your "always ready to giggle" laugh is just so fun-loving. You are such a happy go lucky little guy.

4~I love to hear you "talk".
Jenna~I love how you look when you say "dadadada". You have a loving sparkle in your eyes and a tender hearted grin everytime you start rattling off dada's name. You always appear to be so proud of yourself and say it in such a tender soft voice. How could you not have daddy wrapped around your dainty little pinky?
Blake~I love your "sleepy talk". Your "guggle guggles" and "goygle goygles" are just TOO darn adorable. I remember when you first started saying these "words", most often heard when you get really tired. I just wanted to bottle up some of those moments and hang onto them forever. I was so releived to finally get them on video after several attempts. Those guggle guggles are dead giveaways and can be interpretted as "mommy and daddy, I'm REALLY tired".

3~I love how you love your brother/sister.
Jenna~While it is clear that you are very content with being "independent" and doing your own thing at times, I often catch you going to your brother and putting your hands on his face to love on him. I also catch you talking to him from your crib, looking through the slats to wake him up for some company or most recently standing in bed on your tippy toes to look over the top into his bed. It may not aleays appear so, but you do keep tabs on where he is. It is clear that you love being his sissy and love to make him laugh.
Blake~I love the way you LOVE your sissy. You feel she is the bestest of pals. You want to play with her always, know where she is at all times, console her when she is hurting and protect her too. I love the way you insist on holding her hand when we go for walks. And the times she just does not feel like it, you always have your hand resting on her arm or leg. You are born a natural great brother!

2~I love your personalities-both a bit similar but also so different than the other.
Jenna~strong, determined, sassy, sweet, silly, great sense of humor, you know what you want, not afraid to tell us what you like and don't like, very social but enjoys your own time too, independent, focused, at times not easily impressed, at other times you encourage and pull out the silliness in mommy, "tickle junkie", a bit of a princessness about you (in a sweet little girly girl way)heroic, happy.
Blake~strong, determined, social butterfly, funny, always looking to have a good time and share a laugh with anyone who shows any potential of getting involved in your laughing antics, a go getter, patient, compassionate, protective, empathetic, you have the "teddy bear" lovability about your, heroic.

1~I love the way you love mommy and daddy.
Jenna~One of my favorite "us" times is when you are settling down for sleep and I am rocking you. The way you look up at me and reach up with fanned fingers and so lightly run them through my hair. You look at me as if I'm the best thing since sliced bread. Well, honey, let me tell you. You are so much better than sliced bread has ever or ever will be. I know this is your way of telling me you love me.
Blake~I absolutely adore your morning greetings. I love the reaction we get when we walk into your room after a full night's sleep and "seperation" and you get so overwhelmed with excitement. It is as if we were being reunited after years of being apart. First its a squeel, then a giggle, followed a shaking free of some of the sheer joy of us being there and as we reach for you, you have that open mouthed grin that reaches from one ear to the other. I have never been a morning person. But let me tell you, if that greeting does not set your morning in the right direction, you're just flat out incurable. "Little boogie, sometimes I feel like I can't contain my feelings for how wonderful I think you are either! Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!

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