Friday, March 12, 2010

A Little Taste Test

Jason and I took the kids out the other day to enjoy the Spring Weather. We've been doing so just about each day now. Every time I open the door to take out the trash or get something from the car, the kids just radiate to the closest vacinity of the door that they can reach from their playroom. So, we took them out to play on the ground. We have a layer of leaves and old dead grass blanketed over the yard right now that needs to be raked. There is some new grass peaking through. As soon as Jenna and Blake were placed on the ground, they were instantly happy to be out. Blake looked around and felt the leaves and grass and watched the leaves in the trees blow around. Jenna went right for the old grass and leaves for a taste. She was like a hoover vaccuum with those little hands, staight to the mouth. I would no sooner take the leaves from her mouth and hands and she would have already reached down for another handful. Over and over and over. Blake took a tiny taste test but I guess he wan't impressed with the taste or pointy texture in his mouth. He did however gnaw on the stem of one of the leaves for a bit. Jenna just kept cramming them in her mouth. I had to put her on my lap and offer a teething toy to keep her from stuffing herself like a pinata. Haha. J got some great pics of her stuffing her mouth.

It's such a beautiful day out again today. We are definitely going to spend much of it outside going for a walk and playing!

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