Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Little Mischief

I was playing with the kids in the "free range" area, otherwise known as the livingroom. Jenna was playing with the "this toy is made of XZY material" tag thingy on a stuffed animal, which she is often found doing. Blake was looking around to see what he could get into. I had one of their exersaucers pushed to the corner of the room. I turned to get something just to turn back around to find Blake with half of his body between the seat part and bottom platform of the exersaucer....his head and one leg inside, his butt and other leg outside of it. My first thought was, "Ha, as soon as I turn for a sec. Man he is fast!" Then my second thought was, "Uh huh, let me see him get out of this one". I figured since he was kinda stuck in there he would end up calling out to mom for a rescue. Nope. He ended up crawling completely between the top and bottom platforms of this thing. He just sat under there and hung out for a bit. I grabbed the camera and got a few shots. Here they are.....

Oh, and YES, he actually got out of that "bind" all on his own...crawled right out.

And our own little Miss Sass Pants? The other day I was watching my soaps and Snoop Dog was actually performing on it. Jenna was strolling around in the walker and all of a sudden she "walked" it over to the T.V. and started watching Snoop. My girl loves music.....think she may be a HUGE fan of Snoop! She sat and watched for the entire performance.

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