Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Here it is, 3AM on Wednesday. Blake has been sleeping for about an hour and a half and Jenna is in and out of a light sleep. Each time I think it's "safe" to lay down for some shut eye, she stirs causing her paci to fall out and she cries. If only there was an invention that helped keep paci's in babies mouths in a safe way parents would sure get a lot more sleep. On nights like this, I find it easier and less frustrating to just stay up until both are sleeping deeply rather than laying down and getting to the point of dozing off then five minutes into it, needing to tend to one or the other.

Sleep deprivation has set in, no doubt! Between getting little to no sleep and having some anxiety of Jason returning to work, the last coupls days have been challenging for me. I am just trying to find the best ways to manage the care for both on my own for the eight to nine hours Jason is at work. No matter how well you plan though, days are unpredictable. I just go with the flow as best I can. I usually feed whoever is stirring first. Sometimes they are both ready to feed at the same time so I set one in a bouncy and feed with one hand while I have the other on my lap on the floor feeding with my other. I plan time for playing and exercising on the floor as well as story time. Other than feeding, changing and playing, I get NOTHING else done right now. I know that will change when they are sleeping more at night and I don't have to nap when they nap as much. However, for now when they sleep, I take every opportunity to catch a few Zzzs. We are so lucky that they are both great babies. They both have great dispositions and neat little personalities. Jenna is so fun to watch when she looks around. Her eyes are so wide and bright blue. Blake is a lot of fun to watch too. When he cries he has THE cutest pouty face with the biggest frown. I am anxiously awaiting more smiles. Right now, you can catch them smiling sometimes in their sleep. Too cute.

Today I had a doctors appointment so the mom and dad Nobrega watched the kids. They were kind enough to let me leave early to go out for lunch and run a couple errands before my appointment. It was really nice to get out into the world-haha. A break from the 24/7 focus of caring for twins is soooooooo needed. Hopefully I will get good news tomorrow. I went in for some blood work, as I suspect I may be having some thyroid issues again. (Not so) Funny thing is, two symptoms are fatigue and irritability. Well, I definitely have both but whose to say that's not due to sleep deprivation? ha! The symptom I am suspicious about is a sore feeling I have in my neck. It feels as if I have been kicked in the neck, much the same feeling I have had in the past. So, in my prayers tonight, I pray that my blood work comes out fine. I need good health and energy to care for these two lil blessings.

Even with the challenges of sleep deprivation, each day Blake and Jenna bring such joy to our lives. I thank God for giving us the gift of being Blake and Jenna's parents. We pray that he continues to give us strength, patience and good health. We pray that Jenna's therapy continues to help her work through the muscle tone and that she and Blake get another clean bill of health on their next check up on Thursday.

Well, I THINK both are sleeping well enough now that I may be able to get a couple hours of sleep although their next feed is in 30 minutes. Think I will let them sleep until they wake hungry.


Shannon Beeler said...

to keep paci in babies mouth try swaddling him/her and put paci in side the swaddle. You have to swaddle them up to their mouth for it to work. we did that with wyatt and it worked wonders...

Shannon Beeler said...

Hey Kim, i sent you an email yesterday... If you have any questions or concern about your babies there's a great website you can refer to. Its I refer to it all the time for babie issues.

Jason and Kim said...

Hi Shannon! Hope all is well on your end. We probably won't be able to make the July 4th BBQ at Scott & Donna's this year. :(
YES!!!! We couldn't survive without swaddling them snugly. It's a life saver.

Shannon said...

Hey Jason! Were doing well! James keeps up with wyatt and Im frantically chasing our 16 month old around the pool hoping she wont fall in! So when will yall make the journey to Bryan with kids in tow? I cant wait to meet them!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim, The babies sound are adorable and sound like they are doing what all babies do. I saw a show last night on discovery health called "mystery diagnosis" and the case sounds exactly like yours. It ended up being her thyroid, but it was Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. It is an autoimmune disease. On the show it took them 3 years with the pain to find someone that could find it. Read this article, it sounds exactly like what she went through. She did not have the symptoms when she was pregnant, but 3 months after they started to come back with a vengence. Here is the link to the article. I hope it is just something simple, but if not I want to help 8o)
We want to come and visit as soon as you are ready for us.