Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Jason!

Today is Jason's birthday. The big 34 (as I cringe thinking what that will make me in a couple weeks). June is a busy month for birthdays and such. My dad, a.k.a. pawpaw Patranella, has his birthday tomorrow. Then mine is on the 26th. Since we both have such a lack of time, I tried to be creative in the gift giving for Jason's birthday. So I decided to take complete baby duty throughout the night lastnight so he could get some good sleep then "gave" him the day to play golf. He was thrilled and had a great time but was really happy to be back with the family this evening. When he got home, there was a new set of golf clubs that had been delivered from me and his parents.

The kids have been doing well. I was pretty busy lastnight as neither Blake or Jenna slept very deeply so they woke several times needing attention. Jenna had an upset stomach lastnight again. I believe it may be colic. We've tried Mylanta and Gripe Water, neither really do the trick much of the time. I have a call into the pedi to discuss the possibility of switching formula. She has tummy issues every to every other night. Other than that though she is doing great. She had her therapy today. It was a good productive session. She really seems to enjoy the exercises while on her tummy. Allyson continues to work on stretching and lengthening Jenna's leg muscles. Jenna has a bit of high muscle tone in the hips and legs. I am so grateful that this is mild especially considering her history of bilateral ventricular hemorrhage. We were told it was very very unlikely that the tone will get worse. At this point, it is hard to tell how much or if she will have difficulty or slowed progression into reaching the crawling and walking milestones. She is looking real good though. Allyson was very pleased with what she observed in Jenna's movements today. I plan to continue working with Jenna several times a day. I make it part of our play time. I believe in her and her ability to overcome this. With the help of family and friends, our prayers and her amazingly spunky personality she will do well. I will never underestimate the power of prayer nor will I underestimate my beautiful little firecracker of a gal. In the last few days, she has made and held eye contact with us more. I am so thrilled to see this. I love looking into her star fire blue eyes.

Blake is doing amazingly well. He is making the moves that will soon have himself rolling over. He is almost there actually. (BTW, Jenna is showing signs of attempts too!) He is moving along with his exercises and continues to pick up and turn his head. He holds his upper body up in short spurts. He is tracking very well. It is a truly amazing gift that Blake's vision is as healthy as it is. We are eternally grateful to Dr. Harper for performing a successful laser surgery. There have been so many people that have helped care for and help secure good health for Blake and Jenna. As I sat quietly for a few moments lastnight I began reflecting on my and Jason's life since the beginning of the year. A whirlwind of thoughts, memories and emotions suddenly came over me. As I thought back on the days that involved difficult decisions and of days of uncertainty, I found myself with knots in my stomach. Although those NICU days are well behind us, the emotions involved still easily surface. As I sat and played through some of the memories in my head, my emotions turned from fear, sadness and anxiety to joy, pride and much relief. I prayed a prayer of thanks for the amazing support we have received and for the fact that we have two wonderful babies with good health that make our family complete. The other evening, I was holding Blake. After watching a portion of the news, I looked down at him only to find two beautiful blue eyes looking up at me with a look of great content and comfort. As I sat and stared I felt so very proud. I felt so happy to have the fortune of sharing such moments with my "little man". I remembered a time I feared we would never share such moments, of fearing Blake would lose his vision. I can not possibly express the feeling of relief and gratitude I feel each day I gaze at my handsome little boy. emotionally charged post I've created. Maybe it's the lack of sleep...or the lack of time and my way of doing a turbo download of thoughts and emotions. Not sure. I just find myself very grateful for the amazing gifts I have been given.

Yep, I'm tired.....going to close for now. Will post more tomorrow. Thank you for your continued prayers. We continue to pray for Jenna to overcome any mobility challenges and for continued good health for our family and friends.

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