Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1, 2009

Thought I would hop on real quick while I have a chance. Blake and Jenna are napping AT THE SAME TIME-WHOOHOO!!!! After the 3:30 feed, Jenna decided to stay awake and explore her surroundings. She had a short tummy time first and we did her exercises. She did well and appears to be gettign stronger every day. She has lifted not only her head but she used her arms to raise her upper body too. Great job Jenna! She really enjoyed looking around at her stuffed animal friends and toys this afternoon. She is having more and more time where she likes to look around and observe her surroundings without requiring us to "entertain her" or hold her while awake. She also does not scream each time her paci falls out anymore-whew! She just hangs out when it falls out sometimes or puts her fingers in her mouth. We are excited that she has been having more quiet and calm play time.

Blake still enjoys his swing quite a bit. He just sits in there watching his mobile or looking around'This is nice when it's time for Jason and I to eat. It IS true, babies ALWAYS need something when it's time for mommy and daddy to sit down to eat. We have settled into a pretty good routine though that lends itself some time for me and Jason to eat without too many interruptions. Blake does quite a bit of cooing. Jenna calls out from time to time. She sounds like a little bird.

The other day the cutest thing happened. We put Blake and Jenna together on the floor and Blake started with the hiccups. A couple minutes later, Jenna started with hiccups too. They just looked at each other. Then for a while they hiccuped in unison-haha. It was real cute.

We have been taking lots of video and some pics. I'll work on posting more. We are going this week to have our first family pics taken outside of the hospital. Hope they either are calm and cooperative or sleeping.

Think we will go out for a stroll later tonight. Gotta get these two used to being out and about and get us used to handling them away from home. We really want to take them to our yearly family get together this year. Each year we all go camping out at the Renaisance Festival. We may be crazy taking two 5 month olds (or 9 month old according to their b-day) out on such a trip but our goal is to be a real flexible and on the go family. Gotta start early! Jason and I love nature and doing things out doors so we want to start getting Blake and Jenna ready for lots of outdoor fun.

Hope all is well. Thank you for your continued prayers. Each day is a true blessing and we couldn't be happier that Blake and Jenna are home.

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Anonymous said...

All the new pictures are very cute! I had lots of pictures of my 1st... but few when I had my 2nd because of the busy 18 mo. old... it. There are a few things to be said for having both... you have time or you don't! You all look great! It makes me smilie when I read about your blogs and see those beautiful smilies on Jenna and Blake! May God look after you all! KM