Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rollin along

Hi all.
Sorry our posts have been few and far between. When we don't both have our hands full of babies, we've been trying to give each other a break. Try to catch up on a little sleep or just get stuff done.

The kids have been doing great. Each Dr. or therapist visit brings more good news. They have all been impressed with where they are considering the challenges they've faced.
Having them home has been everything I had imagined and quite a bit more. They are definitely a handful as all parents know, but it's been amazing getting to spend almost every minute of the day with them. They are awesome! Even after 3 weeks, Kim and I often comment on how cool it is to have them home.
For the most part they are pretty relaxed kids.
Jenna has really calmed down and seems to have settled into her surroundings and life in general. Before she would go from 0 to PISSED in no time flat. This past week, she seems to have mellowed out quite a bit. Now she'll just kind of look around, grunt and try to tell you she's not happy, then open up with the lungs. She's also been doing really good consoling herself by putting her fingers in her mouth, or just by looking around.
Blake has been doing good as well. He'll often time just sit there and look around the room. He'll do this for up to two or more hours. He's also doing a good job consoling him self and relaxing.

Both have picked up their feeding quite a bit. Blake is doing great with his bottle feeding. Before, he would get tired and wouldn't put down the suction. After working with him for a few days, he's really started to get the hang of it.
Seems like they make rapid improvements after we recognise a need and begin working on it.
They are just amazing to watch develop. They are truly impressive.

The only thing I would really like to improve is the length of time they sleep. Right now it's 3-4hrs. If we could get that to 5-6, life would perfect.

Not sure if we mentioned it, but the kids have been Great travelers! The first week, we took them on a 4hr jaunt to a couple stores and Rudy's for a late dinner. They've been traveling great when we go to Dr. apts. We've taken them out for several walks, and they really seem to enjoy getting out. And by "enjoy" I mean that they sleep very very hard, so at the very least, we enjoy it. ;)

We'll both try to get some pics posted & update the blog more often. At the very least, after Dr. apts.


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