Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday's Handful

Whew, the twins have been a handful today! Until now, there has been NO downtime AT ALL...for Jason or myself. Mind you, I am typing one handed at times with Jenna in my arms as we speak. HA! It's funny, the innovative, twisty, turvey, stand on one foot, one hand behind your back manuevers you come up with when you juggle twins. Jason came downstairs the other afternoon from taking a short nap and started laughing at me. I was sitting on the couch, legs crossed, Jenna in the middle, Blake propped up in one arm, while I was on the phone making doctors appointments. He had to get a picture, it should be posted with the new pics. I keep telling myslef, I am going to have to learn to do so many things in this manner once Jason returns to work. Jason and I periodically give each other breaks. I usually utilize my "free time" by sleeping, he usually goes and plays golf or hangs out with Adam. Rarely does he take that time to sleep. Not me, I am not used to getting little sleep. I've never been one to function well on less than 6 or 7 hours sleep. Yea, lots of adjusting to do.

So, today has been a challenge in the Reid household. Both Blake and Jenna have been "high mantainance. They've been fussy and have needed our attention every minute. Good thing is, hopefully they will sleep well tonight. We went to the pulmonologist today. Both checked out well with their evaluation. The data from the apnea monitors has been downloaded and will be reviewed. If all looks good, they will discontinue the theophline and we will remain on the monitors for another month to make sure all is well w/o meds.

We have an appointment tomorrow to get family pictures taken. I sure hope they aren't as fussy. If, so we will just do it another day.

Well, dinner is ready and time is limited so I am going for now. Before I go though, here are new pics.

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Lynn said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!! I can't imagine how many changes you guess have had to make even to the smallest areas of your life. I admire you for trading off and being there for each other. You are a good team.

Tiffanay and I would like to come by on Saturday and visit if you are up to it. I don't have y'alls number but I am sure Tiffanay does, so we will give you a call and see if that will work out!

Love ya ~