Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday June 22

Well, Blake and Jenna have been home with us now for over five weeks. It seems it has been months since we were making our daily trips up to St. David's NICU to spend time with our babies. I dropped by one day last week to return something and when I parked in the garage, I suddenly realized that my NICU parking pass had expired. This time I would not be getting a new one. Funny, I was a little excited that I would HAVE to pay for parking this time. This meaning I was truly no longer a NICU mom. I walked in the main entrance and started on a familiar path. Once the elevator reached the third floor and I stepped out, the familiar scent of the postpartum floor served as a reminder of my time on the ward in Room 219. The wonderful nurses, my visitors, the care packages from family and friends, the calls of support, the amazing support Jason showed me each and every minute. Then there was some reminiscing over the thought (and dread) that I would be on bed rest for the remaining of my pregnancy IN room 219. Then thoughts of how quickly and abruptly things changed and the unexpected early birth of our babies. Collectively, my thoughts of the hospital are positive. Much due to the great care I received and phenomenal NICU that made it possible that we are all at home together today. I decided to run up to the NICU to see if Trinity and Kinsley's mom was there visiting. As I got closer and closer to the infamous NICU double doors, I actually felt like a visitor......not a "resident". What a wonderful feeling! Although the nurses, doctors and front desk staff will always make us feel like we are "home" when we visit now, it is great to be guests.

Uh oh, Jenna is calling......

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