Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday, May 29th

Hello all~
Just wanted to pop on for a minute while the babies are sleeping to post a quick update. We are doing well. Each day Blake and Jenna do something that amazes us whether it be a cute little grin, silly facial expression or the increasing strength that they build during "tummy time".

They had their second home health physical therapy session yesterday. Both received a great progress report. Blake has great mobility. He uses his arms and legs quite a bit and raises himself up pretty well while on his tummy. Blake's main goal is to strengthen his tummy muscles. Sound funny? Yea. By strengthening his tummy muscles, he will better be able to turn over and be more mobile. Oh, and we are working on tongue formation while feeding with Blake. At times, he does great and at others he is a bit uncoordinated. Jenna's tummy muscles are looking good. She has good mobility too. Her hips could use a little loosening at times, which is her goal. We will be working on these goals on a daily basis and their therapist will be coming once a week. Overall, they are in great shape for being twins, micropreemies and considering their health history. We are all very pleased with their development.

Jason and I are doing well. It does seem that when we get one settled, the other requests attention of some kind. That and as soon as it is time to eat, Blake and Jenna's radar goes off and they call for our attention-haha. Oh well, maybe it'll facilitate some weight loss that we both so much need.

Been home as a family for nearly two weeks now and are enjoying it so very much. Sleep deprivation is s small price to pay.

twins are calling.....

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