Wednesday, May 6, 2009

112 Days

As the title says, we are on our 112th day in the NICU. Tonight it certainly feels every day of that plus many many more. We both have "NICUitis". It is growing stronger and stronger each day we get closer to having Blake and Jenna at home.

Jenna and Blake have been off of caffine for six days. It takes 5-7 days to fully get out of their systems. The last two days Jenna has had a few bouts of desats. Today, she dipped down to 86% oxygen saturation and was unable to get back up on her own. This is likely a result of coming off of the caffine. She has been put on cannula for 12-24 hours to help bring her oxygen saturation back up and help her rest. She is also going back on caffine. As soon as the caffine starts to take effect, they'll be able to take her off of cannula. This change is not too unexpected.

The sleep study has been postponed for a short amount of time.

Blake's weight gain has been inconsistent. He has stayed the same some nights, lost a few grams others, gained some others and then back and forth again. The doctors added a little more fortifier to his milk/formula mix.

Their new stats are:
Blake 19.29 inches long
Jenna 18.89 inches long
They will be weighed later tonight.

They have both been introduced to a carrying sling. Both got to go and ride around in the slings. It is so exciting to us that they are able to be "social" and do things that "big and strong" babies do. We can't wait to do these things more.

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