Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oringinal Due Date/40 Weeks

Today marks gestational week 40, Blake and Jenna's original due date. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine having 16 week old babies by my due date. I figured we would be a couple weeks early, a month at the most. Even after being hospitalized and put on bed rest at 23 weeks, we never imagined the events that took place even possible. As Jason and I walked to the NICU yesterday we saw Jamie, one of the two labor and delivery nurses that were there with us the night the babies were born. It seemed it was nearly a lifetime ago that she was at my bedside monitoring my contractions and administering magnesium as an attempt to avoid early delivery. I vividly remember the day she was triaged to my room in postpartum (The room that I was staying in during bed rest and was to stay in until delivery which was supposed to be four months later) due to my passing a very large blog clot and how quickly she whisked me away to labor and delivery. She was great....very fast, precise, matter of fact about things yet compassionate as well. Jason and I experienced a brief stroll down memory lane lastnight when we saw her walking into a patent's room. We continued our way to the NICU, in disbelief 16 weeks later, to see our precious miracle babies.

When we walked in it was nice and peaceful and dark. There is a window that looks outside in bay 6 so when the sunlight comes through, it reminds me of the kind of lazy afternoon, perfect for catching a mid afternoon nap. This time it was quiet, no crying babies requesting food, a changed diaper or extra attention. Blake and Jenna were both sleeping. I woke Jenna up and started her feed before she got a good chance to realize how hungry she was. We find that the longer she lays there after waking up, the longer she realizes she is real hungry, the more angry she becomes. It is much easier to wake her slowly but offer her her feed quickly once she wakes. She is quite the fire cracker. Dynamite DOES come in small packages. She is quite the beautiful little sparkler, cute as can be. She did very well with her feeds yesterday. The doctors are giving her another day on caffeine to see if she levels off. Otherwise, she will be put back on Theophlin. She can come home on either medication. Caffeine is administered once a day while Theophlin is three times a day. Whatever it is she needs is fine by us. Right now, It seems our little Jenna may be the active one. She prefers being held and played with or snuggled while awake. She does not like to lay in bed and chill out much. I think she would get up and jump and run around if she could. Oh! Jenna and Blake had a "memorable" moment yesterday-HAHAHA! I'm going to let "daddy" post about that one though. Pretty funny! At least for Janice and I.

Blake had a good day yesterday.He really enjoys hanging out in the 'Infantino" sling. When I got there yesterday afternoon, he was hanging out in the sling, being carried by Anna. I peeked in the sling and he looked soooooo comfortable, all hanging out sleeping. It looked like he was laying in a hammock but one that is super soft and cushioned. Lastnight Janice asked Dr. Untalon if Blake could be moved to a feed schedule in which he is fed when he wakes and "requests" which moves from every three hours to a range of 3-4 hours. At times he is not quite ready to wake and eat when the three hours roll around. Dr. Untalon said it was fine to try. Janice and I think this may suit him better. We'll see how it goes today. He is so funny. He can be found just "chilling out" in bed gazing at his mobile, entertaining himself already! As of right now it seems he might be pretty "easy" and "low maintenance". I'm sure that is subject to change at any given moment.

I have not gotten lastnight's weights yet. When I call to check on them this AM, I'll get the full report. Today is going to be a busy day. We have monitor training at noon since we are pretty sure Jenna will be coming home on a monitor (standard for babies who require caffeine or Theophlin). Then at 2:00 we are going to be speakers at the weekly "NICU Parent University". Amy (our case manger) asked us if we would speak at the weekly meeting. Apparently there are a lot of new parents in the NICU, lots of real "early" ones. At one time this week, the NICU had 70 babies! I'm not sure if that is still the case but I know they are full (plus some!). We will be there as "seasoned" parents.

We brought in a cake as a small thank you to the NICU for the amazing care that they have provided our family. On it, Kathy wrote "We'll Miss You ~Blake and Jenna". It has a pink graduation cap and a blue one. It is hard to believe that we are finally approaching their graduating from the NICU. I get teary every time I imagine walking out of the NICU doors, babies in arm. It will be an overwheming joyous moment, indeed!!

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