Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday, May 13th

I spent a lot of time with the kids today. When I got to the bay, Anna was feeding Blake and Jenna was being held too. Jenna had just finished her lunch. I took over feeding Blake, he did pretty well but was pretty sleepy. Once Blake was finished feeding, we got to snuggle for a bit. Shortly after, Jenna started requesting some attention so I found myself in a situation that I am sure to become oh too familiar with-juggling two babies on my own. Anna, April and Allie were all busy tending to and feeding their other babies so I was on my own for a bit trying to keep both Blake and Jenna happy. I picked up Jenna because she was screaming while Blake seemed to settle down a bit. I offered her her paci (which usually always does the trick) but it wasn't quite all she wanted. We think she may have had a tummyache or gas or something for a bit this afternoon. Then Blake started squirming and putting out some cries here and there. I put her down to pick him up and there I was.....juggling two babies. Ahhh!! What a sight. I am definitely going to appreciate every minute daddy is home from work. That and when grandmas come to visit. I must say...this challenge (juggling two babies), while I'm sure will prove to be quite trying at times, is one I am proud to accept. I can't wait to have my two little heroes at home wanting our attention.

So, my story continues. Luckily, I soon had the help of April and Anna. By the time we got them both to settle down it was time for me to do "mommy duty" (pump). When I returned, Anna was busy on the phone and Jenna was just starting to cry out. I tried to console her, again with her best friend "paci", but she wasn't having none of it. She wanted to eat!!! So, again it was time to feed. While feeding Jenna, Blake began to stir so Anna began to feed him. Didn't we just finish feeding these kiddos? Anyways, about half way through, we decided to 'trade" babies since I haven't fed Blake many times since he switched to high flow nipple feeds. He was taking his sweet time finishing up but got his required volume down. Before I knew it, I had been there for about five hours. I was so happy to have spent so much time with them and had gotten to snuggle them both.

Today was the first day that I have been faced with the challenge of both Blake and Jenna needing attention at the same time while flying solo. It was only for a short time but it was a good taste of what's to come in my near future. Although, Jason is going to be taking off of work for nearly a month to spend time with the family. Both grandmas have offered to come and help when needed as well as their Aunt Donna, cousin Shelby and many other family members.

Lastnight, Jenna weighed in at 7 pounds13 ounces and Blake was 7 pounds 12 ounces. Both had good gains. We haven't gotten tonight's weights yet.

This is the TENTATIVE plan. I emphasize tentative because things can change at any given time. Jenna may be getting her sleep study tomorrow night. If that goes well and further shows that she is ready to come home, we will room in (since she is coming home on a monitor, it is "standard to room in at the hospital one night as a transition to going home) at the hospital with her Friday night and bring her home Saturday. We are praying that Blake will be able to have his sleep study on Friday night and come home with us and his sis on Saturday as well. That would be the ideal close of this VERY long chapter of our NICU memoirs. Either way, they are very close to being home-their real home. One we can't wait to introduce them to.

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