Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Next stop.... Frustration Station!

Well.... what to report.....

The kids have been doing great, and our visits continue to be amazing. Now that they are 40wks, they are pretty much just like every other newborn I've seen (admittedly that's not a whole lot), and are lots of fun to snuggle with. Too bad it has to be in a hospital bay with a dozen other babies, parents, & nurses.

Soooo, the big question we are getting asked; "When are they comming home?"

We have no idea. Last week we were being told that they could come home "any day now". Understandably, the Dr's want everything to be as perfect as they can be before they release the kiddo's. Unfortunately one lil thing after the other keeps popping up that continues to delay their exit from the NICU. While we want them to come home NOW, we don't want to jeopardise their health over a few days (or weeks as it's shaping up). That doesn't stop us from feeling frustrated though. After going up to the NICU every day for the past 4 months, I'm really really ready to be at home.....

Today's nurse told me that BOTH Jenna & Blake had an A&B last night. With Blake we were told that they want to see 5-7 days with no A&B's before they will do the sleep study and get ready to release them. At this point, we have no idea whats going on or when they'll get the OK to come home. I just hope it's soon.
I'm sure Kim has been detailing their daily activity, so I won't bore you with all the lil things that are slowing things down.

The other question I'm getting is "What was soooooo funny?"

All the parents will be able to relate to this one. So the other day we were hangin out with the kids and Jenna needed to be changed. I learned the lesson of putting a fresh diaper beneath the dirty one, so we don't get the bedding dirty when I go to throw away the old diaper.

So there I am, getting Jenna all cleaned up and a new diaper when I look down and see what I thought was a clear tube coming out of the crib. After a brief moment of confusion I realized it wasn't a tube, but Jenna peeing all over me. She had some jet action going on because she was able to arc it all the way out of the crib and all over my jeans & the floor. Not a single drop in the crib. Mom and Janice thought that was absolutely hilarious. She caught me off guard; everyone has been telling me to watch out for Blake!
Ahhhhh good times....


Janice said...

hee hee! Thanks for the laugh, again, Jason! I needed it!

Jason and Kim said...

Hi Janice!
The kiddos miss you (and so do we!). As you can see, they have misbehaved a bit while you were gone. I think they just want to make sure you are there when they are discharged. hehe

HLH said...

Haha, that is great. Get used to it, as I have been peed and pooped on many many times. The joys of parenthood eh? ;)