Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Wow, the last week has really flown by. We've been home for over a week now and with the exception of a day or two, things have gone pretty smoothly. Blake and Jenna have settled real nicely into their home with us. We have a nice routine going that all of us are pretty happy with. There was a day or two that we weren't able to stick to the routine very well because both Blake and Jenna were pretty fussy throughout the day. Thankfully, both grandmas were here to allow Jason and I to take care of a few things. Jason was working on our fence while I had a good 5 hour nap. We are pretty sure they both had tummy aches that lasted a good day or day and a half. That was a bit trying, not being able to fix it for them. We all just spent much time trying to console them. It is a helpless feeling. Jason and I bought some powder formula in an attempt to get more for the money. I didn't think it would effect their tummies beings that it was the exact same formula, just in powder form. Not sure if that was the problem but they have been better since we changed back to liquid form.

We've taken them out for a stroll around the neighborhood, which is nice. Jenna slept the whole time while Blake looked around. On Friday we went out on a four hour outing. With careful planning, it went real smoothly. Jason and I decided to try and get out and about with them to see how it all would go. We made it out to Babies R Us and a couple other places as well as went to Rudy's for dinner! We made sure to keep them covered. It went real well, better than we imagined it would.

K....I am going to attempt to complete this post now....had to leave to tend to the twins.

We went to the Developmental Pediatrician today. Both received a great report card. Blake is a little ahead of the game. He has great muscle tone and flexibility. He tracks well and even turns his head to follow something interesting with his eyes. He makes good eye contact and lifts and turns his head while on his tummy. He is also good at "self soothing" or consoling. All great accomplishments. I am relieved to learn that Jenna is in great shape too. She had good muscle tone and movement today. She does at times self console (this started about a week ag0) and she briefly makes eye contact. She tracks things with her eyes. She does lift and turn her head during "tummy time" and is working on strengthening her upper body strength. We are very pleased with where they are right now.

Again, I need to run but I will end with their last weight checks. Blake is 8 pounds, 6 ounces and Jenna is 9 pound 2 ounces!! WOW!!!!

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