Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Wow, wish we were getting that many Z's-haha! Yea, as you can imagine Jason and I have hit sleep deprivation. It is real hard right now to find any "down" time that isn't used to catch an hour or two of sleep here and there. I do miss posting so am going to attempt to update a bit.

First of all, Blake and Jenna are sooooooo wonderful! We knew this the night we set eyes on them but each day we feel stronger and stronger about it and are so proud of our little heroes. Each time they crack a little smile or look into our eyes, we are overwhelmed with emotion thinking of how far we have come. Who knew something so tiny could be so very strong. They were so very fragile. Their survival and future was uncertain. to look at them now, you wouldn't know how much these little ones have been through in their short lives thus far. They amazed us each day while in the NICU by their determination, strength and will to live. The first three months were terrifying. Now that they are at home, we are so thrilles that they now can just focus on being babies. Not have to fight each day to make it to another.

Sleep depreived? Definitely. We are VERY fortunate that they are on a schedule. It is still taking some time to adjust to getting 2-3 hours sleep at a time. Between feeds, we try to eat, wash clothes, and whatever time is left we try and sleep. We are working on a schedule that will allow Jason and I to get 4 consequtive hours of sleep by letting one of us sleep while the other gets up to feed Blake and Jenna. Sometimes it works, others not, I can not tell you how fortunate I am to have Jason at home with us for a month. After all the stress and all we have experienced the last four months, we are truly enjoying each minute we have together-all four of us.

Blake and Jenna are doing really well. They are adjusting to their new surroundings pretty quickly. They certainly seem to feel comfortable. We went on our first outing on Monday to see the pediatrician. They did real well until they recieved their 4 month shots. Poor babies. They did enjoy the car ride though. Both checked out fine at their appointments. They are both a tad smaller compaired to others their adjusted age. Dr. Fosci says she was pleased with their growth since they were born micropreemies.

We went on our first "field trip" around the neighborhood yesterday. Jenna slept while Blake looked around the whole time. It was so nice to be out of the house with them. It was a nice evening.

Well, I have so much more to update but it's time to get something to eat and try and catch some shut eye. I will try and post more tomorrow as well as post some pics.

Thank you for following our progress. For those of you who comment-thank you. We LOVE hearing from you.

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