Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things are going good

The kids have been doing great.
Mom gave me a little break & gave me some time to get in a round of golf today. When I got home, everyone was at a Dr. apt, so I got a few hours of sleep too! Talk about a great day.
I hope to return the favor within a couple days.

The kids have been awesome. Kim and I often loose track of time as we hold them and gaze down at their peaceful faces.
The first couple days were a bit of an adjustment, but we are all fitting into our routines pretty well. Kim and I have been doing pretty good at giving each other a break so we can get cleaned up and nap for a bit.
Many many many thanks to the NICU for having them on a schedule. I don't know how we'd survive if they weren't on one. As it is, we always seem to have something to do, but it would be pure insanity & chaos if they weren't on a pretty regular routine.

The first couple days, we couldn't believe that we were all actually together and not in the NICU. There were several times that we'd be in the middle of something, pause & look at each other and say "can you believe were actually home now, it almost doesn't seem real."
I can't tell you how happy we are to be together as a family. It's quite literally, a dream come true.

So, the kids had their first Dr. apt outside the NICU. We took them to see their Pediatrician. She reviewed their records from the NICU, asked a lot of questions, and gave them a thorough look over. Both are healthy and doing good.
Jenna weighed 8lb 5oz.
Blake hasn't gained a whole lot of weight and was 7lb 14.5oz.

Today the twins had an eye exam.
Jenna has fantastic eyes (if I do say so myself, although I'm not Doctor). The Dr. agreed and said that she shouldn't have any problems and doesn't see any sign of near sightedness.
Blake's eyes were looking great as well. He doesn't see any indicators, but due to the RUSH disease, he may be slightly near sighted. He thinks Blake will have full perifial vision. That in itself is a bonus as the Dr.'s said it was certain that he'd loose is perifial vision due to the laser eye surgery.

Sooooo all in all, things have been going great. While a bit tiring, being home with the kids has been much much better than I had ever dreamed.

It's time to get some bottles ready & do various other little things before their next feed.
Take care all.

P.S. I promise to try and get some pics up soon.... Promise


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you both! What an exciting and amazing time.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for your family to all be at home together. I don't have to say enjoy these times as they will go quickly. Their 1st words, steps, day of school, and lots of others!!!!
The twins won't notice either if you don't have the house picked up.
Catch those zzzz as much as you can. : ) km

Janice said...

Sounds like things are going great! Glad that you both are getting some rest and especially glad that you are both spoiling those two! Kisses to *my* babies!n I miss them at work!

Anonymous said...

Glad things are going good....please keep us posted and try to post some new pics...

Anonymous said...

We all miss the kiddos soooo much already! Pictures, pictures!!