Friday, May 15, 2009

The BIG Switch Over

Yesterday marked one week past my original due date. Therefore, we have switched from counting down gestaional age (ie May 7th was their 40th week) to counting their "adjusted" age. Blake and Jenna's adjusted age is one week. In other words, had I had them at term, they would now be one week old. Now starts the confustion. They are now oficailly in two different age categories. Their adjusted age, 1 week and one day, and their real age of 16 weeks OR 4 months old!! Officailly, we will be celebrating on their REAL birth date. They will continue to be evaluated and compared to babies of their "adjusted age" until around the age of two.

So in an attempt to avoid some confusion when stopped in the grocery store and asked, "Oh, how old are your twins?", we will be giving out their adjusted age. Otherwise, I could see the confusion on many strangers' faces as they look at what appears to me new born babies and being told that they are four months old-ha!

Yesterday was a nice day. Our good friend Sandra came up for a visit. Funny thing, when I was being wheeled into labor and delivery the evening of January 15th, she was actually at the hospital. We had planned for her to come and visit me while I was on bedrest that day. When she came up to the 3rd floor, she found a very empty room 219. She waited a bit and then text'd Jason wondering where we were. Needless to say, she was shocked when he told her I was in labor and delivery. I had just talked to her a bit earlier when planning the time she would visit. So, she was one of the first people to find out I had started to go into labor. This story brings to mind, that we haven't posted about that day-January 15th- and how this whole story began. Jason and I have discussed this and plan to post about the early days in the very near future. Boy, that will be quite the trip down memory lane.

So now for the update on the kids. They had a great day yesterday. They enjoyed the company as well as lots of snuggles from us and from Anna, April and a few other nurses too. They are at the age where they enjoy being out of the crib and having stimulation. Lastnight Jenna weighed in at....drumroll please.......8 pounds 1 ounce!!!! Blake is following close behind at 7 pounds 14 ounces!! I REALLY can not believe it. They look great! Can't wait to see them in a few hours.

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