Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Birthday Plans

We are in the final days of our countdown to Jenna and Blake's first birthday. Just two more days including today and our little ones will be turning one year old! Friday marks the day Jason and I officially met our little sweeties.

So on Friday, Jason and I will be celebrating with Jenna and Blake by getting lots of playtime in (and pics of course). If the weather allows, we will take a visit to the park. We have decided that it is best to hold off on having a birthday party til after RSV/Flu and cold season. So far we have managed to avoid all of the above by limiting their exposure to large groups of people and limiting being out in public places much. It's proven to be a challenge because if you look at them now, you'd never know they weren't full term babies. We've had to remind ourselves that along with having their medical history, comes the need for extra precautions during the RSV and Flu season for the first year or so. So far we've been able to ward off any further development of the occasional sniffle and sneeze they've had.

We will throw them a big birthday party near their developmental age of one which will also be near their "Homecoming" date. We figure we will combine the two for a celebration of them reaching the developmental age of one and the anniversary that they were released from the NICU and joined us at home. Oh, and don't think I haven't already started planning for their first birthday party-haha. I already have the theme picked out- a classic author/character fav of kids of all ages! Can't wait to see the kids dig into their first cake.

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