Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jenna's First Zoobie

As Jason posted yesterday, Jenna now has a pearly white little gem of a tooth! Again, Jason is the one who discovered this exciting bit of news. Jason and I noticed that Jenna was chomping down especially hard on her teething toys the last few days and the "drool faucet" opened to full flow. The day before I reached in Jenna's mouth to check her gums and she immediately started crying. Poor gal was in some discomfort so I let it go. The next night while I was running an errand Jason sent me a text sayiing, "I know why Jenna wouldn't let you look in her mouth. Yep, she cut her first tooth." Once again, there I am in some random store with tears in my eyes. SIGH, oh brother! I was so excited to see her when I got back home. Jason said he could see a raised area with a tear and a little hole. Still today, you can barely see it but it has certainly cut through. I'm quickly realizing that we are moving from baby to toddlerhood. Although, you will often still hear (and read) me say baby. I think I am going to hang on to that one a bit longer. ;)

Congrats Jenna....one step closer to sharing McDonald's french fries with mommy!

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