Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan 20th-PartI-Physical Therapy Graduate!! Part II-"Proud Parents On Board:Our Kids Are Rule Breakers!"

Yay Jenna!!!! Jenna was released by her physical therapist, Mary Elizabeth today. I am so proud of her. If you recall, we had a bit of a slow start the first few weeks when the kids were brought home and when they started PT at home. Jenna exhibited signs of some tightness in her legs and at times was easily over stimulated, causing her to tense up and tighten up even more. Once Jenna got settled in, she started progressing rather well. She and Blake received physical therapy once a week. Blake sailed through and was released in September or October. Jenna was still being seen once a week until recently which switched to every two weeks. What was once a show of an occasional tightness in her lower body is long gone now. Turns out, some of the muscle tone was due to her nervous system needing additional time to grow into and get accostomed to her new bigger body. Some of the tightening up may have been a compensating behavior as well. It may of been her way of dealing with a feeling of stress. In the last year, she went from being an easily over stimulated gal to a very comfortable, content and playful gal with even more of that spunk we all know so well! Mary Elizabeth has been impressed with Jenna's movements and development for months now. We have seen several changes in her and have watched her exceed our hopes and expectations. When we found out that Jenna had experienced a bilateral ventricular hemorage when she was 12 days old, we could only dream of a day we would receive the news we did today in a mere year. Yay, Jenna! Mommy, Daddy and Blake are so proud to celebrate this great accomplishment with you.

PART II-"Proud Parents On Board:Our Kids are Rule Breakers"

If you've been keeping up with our progress, you've read how both Jason and I continue to be surprised by the "twinkies". When considering their development, they are currently exhibiting 10, 11 and 12 month skills at a ripe age of 8 months. Yes, chronologically they were born a year ago. However, Jason and I often have to remind ourselves that it isn't fair to them if we expect the same abilities from them that we would of full term babies of 12months.It usually takes premature babies at least two years to catch up to peers of their chronological age, sometimes up to five. We plan to give them as much time as they need. :) We certainly do not want to rush things. Afterall, tehy grow fast enough on their own, don't they? Anyways, we were told that babies born as micropreemies usually reach skills 3-4 months later than their adjusted age. We are proud of Blake and Jenna for showing us that they want to be an exception to that "rule". (Come to think of it, they have proven to be quite the little "rule breakers". They have not only caught up to their 8month adjusted age peers, but are quickly catching up to those born at full term! It is truly amazing. Of course part of me wants to boast with pride like those parents do with the nifty bumper stickers that say, "My Child is an honor student at XYZ Elementary School", but more than anything I want my bumper sticker to say, "Proud Parents on Board: Our Kids are Rule Breakers!". haha I realize, this may need to be removed when the kids are old enough to read and question it!

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