Saturday, January 2, 2010

A First For Jenna

Well, Jenna did it. Two days ago while Jason was solo watching the kids he said he had them playing in the "play yard" and stepped into the kitchen for something. When he walked back in he found Jenna standing! She was bracing herself with one of the learning tables and was standing. She was proudly smiling while daddy cheered her on. A few minutes later I guess she wasn't too sure what to do next because she started crying. Jason encouraged her and she quickly sat and calmed down. Boy, the kids are growing and learning new things daily.

They both have given up their intermittent low crawling with full on crawling these days. Jenna is currently into climbing, crawling and an occasional stand. Blake is into standing, standing and standing. He gets around very well in the walker. The tile floor has really leant Blake some good times as he "walks" around and around the livingroom, diningroom and kitchen. Jenna is usually content with standing in the walker playing with her toys. She is starting to move around a bit in it and I'm sure will be strolling around soon. It may be time to get a 2nd walker soon.

The kids are really enjoying their new toys. Instead of putting out all of their new toys, we've decided to take out two or so at a time. We like to rotate toys out weekly so that they will have renewed interest in toys they already have. We are adding in a new toy sor two in each rotation. That way the kids can explore new things each week and can re-explore toys they've already had. It has worked very well so far (thanks for the tip veteran moms).

I forgot to mention one of the kids' neatest gifts that they got for Christmas. Their Aunt Donna handmade them Christmas stockings. They are awesome! Donna and I were given handmade Christmas stockings by a great aunt when we were kids that both of us still have. Donna make Blake's and Jenna's in a similar way. They are made of felt, sequins and beads. She put a lot of work into them and it certainly shows. I'll include pics when I add more to the site.

Well, I'm off to play with the kids. More to come soon as I'm sure they will do something today worth posting about.

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