Monday, January 25, 2010

He's standing.... Let the chaos begin.

Well, every parent has told me "Enjoy it while you can... They grow soooo fast" and that is 100% the truth.

Sat Kim sent me a txt saying that Blake stood up and hovered with his arms out for 3 or 4 seconds before he sat back down. Amazing....
Sun, while I was playin with the kids, he stood up and looked around for several seconds before he sat back down. Won't be too long before he's runnin all over the house... geez... they grow so fast.

Jenna has been a lil tornado at nap/bed time the last day and a half. She'll fall asleep in our arms, but thrashes around and fusses the second we put her down. I was pretty sure it was teething & the vast quantities of drool, and her chomping things clued me in. In preparation for bed time I gave her some Tylenol 30min prior, hoping that it would help her gum pain and let her fall asleep easy. Ummmm no.... Thats when I went to put some oragel on her gums and found that she had cut her tooth, but it was still recessed and hadn't surfaced quite yet! So it's there and ready to pop up any second now. Poor thing, that can not feel good at all. :(

Surprisingly enough, a little fussing is pretty much as bad as their teething has been. We are continually amazed at how easy they are on us. They must either really really love us, or pitty us. Either way, it really makes our life easier! ;)

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day..... It's time for their 12 month shots! Eeeeekkkk
NOT looking forward to that, but I guess it's pretty helpful. So far they have only got sick one time. We could tell that they were fighting off a cold while Kim and I recovered from our Xmas cold, but they never got full blown sick. Miracles DO happen. ha ha

Well, other than that things are pretty normal. Work, play/take care of kids, do some home chores, sleep, then do it all over again....

Hope everyone out there is doing good as well.
Take care.

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