Saturday, January 16, 2010

Visiting with Old Friends

Kinsley, Trinity, Jenna & Blake
On Saturday, we went to visit Trena, Keith, Trinity and Kinsley at thier house. We all had such a great time. Trena and I have stayed in touch since our "big release" by texting every other week or so but this is the first time we've gotten the kids together since they've been home.
Blake and Jenna felt very comfortable at thier house. They immediately started playing as soon as we put them on the floor. Boy, Jenna must've had a blast because she was in rare form. She was ALL over the place going from one toy to the next and saying hello to her friends and then back to playing. She was exploring everything and was "talking" all about it.
Wow, the girls look so fantastic! They are doing so great and have grown so much. It was so wonderful to see them healthy and so happy. They have the biggest blue doe eyes ever! These identical beauties are so sweet and are true gems!
Trena surprised us with bday cupcakes (candles included!), gifts and even some party hats for the kids. We got a couple cute pics of all four of the kids in their hats. We had a mini bday party. We all had such fun! We've decided that many more playdates are definitely in order.
Can't wait to see them again!

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