Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Look Mommy, No Hands!" ~Blake "Look Mommy, I'm a Rock Star" ~Jenna

Oh My!!! I just witnessed Blake hold a three second squatty sort of stand with NO hands!!! He and Jenna are playing in the "Play Yard" in the livingroom. I look over and she is "toying" with the idea of going from a sitting position to a more vertical one-haha. He holds out his arms to either side and starts lifting up. No toys, toy table near to pull up on. He gets a good half way up, holds it a good three seconds and then back down. What? Are we to see Blake standing on his own soon? Since then, I've seen him try it again!!! Oh my gosh son, SLOW DOWN so mommy can catch up to all these new changes-haha.

Speaking of......he is also starting to give kisses. Granted I think he thinks it's a game. If you give him a kiss and make an "MMMMMMUwa" sound and pull away, then he opens his mouth and leans in. Too cute!! He has done this for three says now.

Little Miss Jenna has a few new things going on to. She has been quite the talker and says "dadadada and babababa". Yesterday I noticed that she was dancing to music. Of the MANY musical toys they have, when she hears it she starts a little wiggle or rocking motion. A girl after my own heart, she loves to dance.

Going to get down and play with these little guys now!!!

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