Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well, I've been meaning to start something new on the blog. I am a "follower" to a blog kept by fellow former NICU mom who posts a "Flashback Friday" posting to her twins' blog each week. She includes a picture from the twins' past and sometimes a thought or two about the pic. I found myself looking forward to checking their blog each Friday to see the pic because it is just amazing seeing where they were then compared to where they are now. So........I've been wanting to start a "Flashback Friday" posting each week on pur blog. I missed doing this yesterday so this week it's "Flashback Saturday"

The first picture was taken on April 6th. It is Mimi (Jason's mom) and Blake. Mimi is giving Blake a little pat or two to help relieve some tummy pressure. At this time, he still had a feeding tube and was being fed via bottle or was nursed and then every third feed was via feeding tube.

The second pic is a fav or mine. It was taken on April 11th of Jason nose to nose with his baby girl. We were in the last month of our 4 1/2 month NICU stay. Jenna was on nasal cannula at the time. The twins were co-cribbing.
When I look back at the pics that were taken while at the hospital, it feels like such a long time ago most days and others, it still feels so new. It's strange how it feels time can stand still but can go so fast too.

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