Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blake and Jenna's 12Month Check up and Shots

Jason and I took Jenna and Blake for their 12m check up today. The kids were so good, even having had their little fingers pricked for blood work and get FOUR shots.

The weigh in....
Last year on this date, Jenna weighed 1 pound 7 ounces.
Today, she weighs a whopping 19 pounds 4 ounces! Can you believe it?

Last year on this date, Blake weighed 1 pound 7 ounces.
Today, he weighs a healthy 19 pounds 8 ounces! It's amazing how much things can change in a single year. Still too difficult for me to "wrap my brain around it" sometimes.

For growth, we have two reports to share for each. First in comparison to 8/9months, or their adjusted age group. (this would be considered their preemie growth chart in a sense)
Jenna is in the 70-75th%tile for height/weight.
Blake is in the 50th%tile for height/weight.

The second report, being their percentile on the 12m (full term) growth chart.
Jenna is in the 25th% for height/growth.
Blake is in the 10th% for height and growth.

Pretty darn impressive for two micropreemies huh? We are sooooooo very proud of them. This means that as far as growth is concerned, they have quickly caught up to their (full term) 12m peers!

Now for the rest of the news. Dr. Fasci is very pleased with their growth and development. She said she would not guess they were preemies by their appearance or behaviors. She was very pleased to hear that Jenna, too, had been released from physical therapy last week. She says that she looks great with her movement and tone and loves that she is "talking" so much. She also said the same about Blake. When we told her that the kids were standing and that Blake has sttod a few times on his own, she was delighted. She proceeded to tell us that for her, they are truly miracles. Just the fact that they are doing so well, are so healthy and are exhibiting a much faster "preemie catch up" time. I thank God each and every day that we were not only granted the most precious gifts with having Blake and Jenna but also for how incredibly well they continue to do.

Dr. Fasci also reported that Blake and Jenna have nearly completely caught up with their 12m full term peers! She reports that they look and act just like any other 12m old. She reminded us to continue to keep in mind that they are preemies and to continue being conservative through RSV and flu season, given their chronic lung disease and medical history but that she encourages us to trade out deeming them as 8month babies for 12m toddlers. That excited me so much and makes me sad too. The saying that kids grow too fast has proven itself to me a hundred times over in the last 6months or so. When they were struggling to put on a single ounce per day to make it to 2lbs, 3lbs, and so on, in my mind, they couldn't grow fast enough. Once they came home, they grew and grew and grew. And here we are now.

Feeding....It is well over due that Jason and I introduce table foods to Blake and Jenna. Again, we were going off of their adjusted age and feeding them accordingly. We've been feeding them baby food twice a day and cereal at night....bottles through out the day. No table foods as of yet besides a little mashed potatoes, oh, and whip cream(thanks Aunt Donna, she gave them some on Thanksgiving). Dr. Fasci suggested that we get a nutritionist and feeding specialist in to evaluate the kids. Not due to any concerns, just to help fully evaluate beings that they were intubated a couple times and were on feeding tubes and ventilator for some time. She feels that they will be off of formula completely by about 15months. They aren't quite ready for whole milk yet until we introduce and regularly feed table foods and would like to see their formula intake decrease. We can start with mashed potatoes, green beans, yogurt, cheerios, gerber graduates. Also, another goal is to regularly use sippy cups. We've given the kids sippy cups from time to time, but again, I think Jason and I were going along with their adjusted age and were maybe holding them back a bit. with the sippy cup transition. So.....mommy went grocery shopping and is pulling out the sippy cups, the cheerios and graduate puffs, yogurt and other "yum-yums". Jason had a great suggestion the other day. He wanted to know what I thought about starting to have dinner together all four of us at the table. That way, it will get them used to sitting and eating while we do, in prep for when they are feeding themselves. I think its a great idea and will establish "family time" early on. Oh, and then there is the benefit of getting them used to it so we can go out to dinner once in a while. ;)

Oh, yes. Then there were the shots and blood test. They got their finger pricked for an iron test. Then they received their flu booster, the H1N1 vaccine, Synagis and one of their12m boosters. YES, poked 5 times!!!! Poor babies. Luckily, Brian is very fast about it all. We had already been in the office for about an hour and a half and the kids were falling asleep. I held Jenna, she was first. I tried waking her up to avoid a very rude awakening. After several attempts with of poking, rubbing and talking to her we just had to do the deed. Unforunately, she was rudely awaken. It is so difficult to hear your child cry like that and keep from crying yourself when you feel so bad for holding them down and "allowing" this to happen. She cried big crocodile tears and then just sort of layed in my arms and gazed at my hair. It was so sweet, between the exhaustion and let down from the rush of surprise and pain, she moved about very slowly reaching up and brushing her fingers through my hair back and forth. Too sweet!!! Jason held Blake for his shots. I think Daddy and Blake may have shared some tears. At least it appeared that Jason was holding an empathetic tear back. Blake cried for a bit and moaned an unhappy moan for a bit. Once we got them settled down, we packed up and went home. Total time spent at pedi appointment time for twins....2 hours. I am sooooooo glad Jason is able to (and insists on) taking them with me. The kids are so lucky to have him as their daddy, and I am for having such a great partner.

All in all, the day went very very well. We go back in three months for their 15m check and to get the remaining boosters. I am so happy to report more wonderful news and pray for continued good health and development. And finally, we want Blake and Jenna to know how very much we love them and of how very proud they continue to make us. We love you "Boogie" and "Chuchi Fruits"! ;)

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