Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blake's Follow Up Eye Exam

We are very happy to report that Blake's follow up eye exam with the surgeon brought wonderful news. He has had full regression and his eye looks "beautiful". He may need glasses in the future but don't most of us? When doctor Harper told me the news, all I could do is kick back the tears and tell him thank you. Those two words seemed way too "simple" for the sincerity that accompanied them. How do you thank the person who could have very well helped save your son's vision? Words are not enough.

As Jason stated, the news we received about Jenna's MRI was really in some ways inconclusive. I am grateful that there was no growth in the areas in question. She is certainly behaving appropriately for her age. In fact one of the doctors told me that Jenna's attitude is a lot older than her neurological development-HA! Yes, she is quite the lil' firecracker.

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HLH said...

Fantastic news! Congrats. :)