Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Day of Firsts

Let me start off by reporting some really good news. Blake's eye exam proved to be a very positive one indeed. There is no visible traction, a complete reversal since surgery four weeks ago. In addition the minimal bleeding has resolved and there appears to be none at this time. The amazing job that the surgeon performed paired with numerous prayers by family and friends have brought us the best result possible. My little boy's vision, in my mind, has been saved. I can't express how relieved that makes me feel. It brings tears of joy to my face each time I have a quiet moment to think and reflect of the odds they both have beat. We will continue to keep a real close watch on his (and Jenna's) visual health.

When I called this morning to check on Blake and Jenna, Trisha asked if they had been breast fed yet. When I told her they had not, she said she would check with Dr. Su for an ok. I was so excited to find that we may be at the strength and development to start nursing. We got the ok and attempted at their 1:30 scheduled feed. Blake took to nursing quite well. The lactation specialist and nurses were impressed with how he handled this new situation. I was happy to see it, as I was quite surprised to see that he took to it so very well and quickly. Then it was Jenna's turn. She, too, did well. She seemed to breath better and pace herself better with nursing. Wow, we all couldn't get over how well and quickly they took to it. I was made to understand that a successful session of nursing greatly depends on their level of alertness at time of the feed. I was advised not to get discouraged if they do well one day and not so well the next at this point. However, the nurses, specialist and doctor were all very pleasantly surprised and happy with their performance today. There they go again, surprising us all with their progress. I am a very proud momma today. They have been approved for one breast feed per day. Jenna is on three bottle feeds a day and Blake is on two a day. The other feeds will be "cabage" (sp?).

They are now sleeping on flat surfaces, no more egg crate. This is to mimic more of how things will be when they come home. They will soon no longer be using "froggies" (a horseshoe pillow placed near their heads to provide boundaries). Jenna's cannula has been lowered to 1/2liter, another step in weaning her completely.

Last but certainly not least to report....weights. Jenna is 5 pounds 14.8 oz!! Blake is 5pounds 15.8 ounces!! Can you believe we are that close to reaching 6lbs!?!?!?!

I spent a lot of time today holding the lil ones. We got a lot of great quality bonding time in. I even got to hold them together for quite a while. It was quite the treat b/c they were both awake ans looking around for a while. I kept looking from Jenna to Blake back to Jenna then to Blake. Haha, it is all about dividing my attention. Truly amazing to be fortunate enough to have two wonderful babies to give love, time and attention to. I wouldn't have it any other way.

We took some new pics today. Trisha helped me take more Easter Bunny pics. I've posted them in the Easter folder.


Anonymous said...

That's so wonderful! Let the super special bonding begin. =]

Jason and Kim said...

It was a big day for sure. I wish I was able to be with mom and kids for that first moment. Kim was "glowing" the rest of the day!